Video: Hard to believe a new cycle lane in Dublin can be this bad

Posted on: March 14th, 2019

If this cycle lane in Dublin was old we might shrug and write it off as a product of its time. But this is brand new infrastructure and it’s clearly very problematic.


We’re used to poor cycling infrastructure in Ireland, especially facilities installed years ago that have crumbled with use or belong to an era when design was poor.

While old cycle lanes can been very shoddy, it’s even more frustrating to see new facilities that don’t work from the time they’re put in place.

On the basis of the evidence in this clip, that appears to be the case at this new stretch of cycle lane in south Dublin.

The clip has been shared by Glenn Lambkin who was on the bus at the time and filming the drivers passing in their cars.

He said the bus was in its lane – at St Lawrence’s in Stillorgin – yet all of the drivers passing it cut into the cycle lane.



Every driver cuts into the bike lane for more space at the pinch point in the road. And so they encroach into the space where cyclists should be.

There’s also water pooling on the cycle lane, which is a recipe for the surface to degrade.

Why a small section of the pavement couldn’t have been shaved off at the pinch point to create more space on the road isn’t clear.

If that had been done, orcas or flexi wands could have been installed at the pinch point to keep drivers in their lane and leave the cycling space clear for cyclists.

The way the road is laid out here is literally an invitation for drivers to squeeze between cyclists to their left and vehicles to their right; which means close passing of cyclists.

Indeed, it’s sad to say about a new cycle lane but many cyclists riding through here would probably feel safer taking up position in the road, rather than in the cycle lane.

This would ensure cyclists would momentarily block drivers from squeezing passed them at the pinch point, especially when they feel tempted as they rush to make the lights just ahead.