Video: Driver’s close pass of cyclists’ training group goes wrong

Posted on: July 14th, 2018

These cyclists were hit by the driver and then sent crashing into each other; this is frightening.


Video driver’s close pass of cyclists goes wrong


This video has been released showing a close pass by a motorist of cyclists as it goes wrong in an instant.

While the incident happened in the UK, it shows the carnage close passing can cause.

And it really underlines why the pressure needs to be maintained so the promised close pass legislation becomes a reality in the Republic.

The clip was released by the cyclists involved in the hope it will help change driver behaviour towards cyclists.

Viewer discretion is advised. But the cyclists have recovered, or are almost recovered.



The driver in this incident tries to squeeze past the group; on a single carriageway and with oncoming traffic.

As you can see, the entire car stays on the left side of the road, with no effort made to give the cyclists any space.

The two riders in the clip have, thankfully, since made a recovery. Indeed, stickybottle wouldn’t share this video unless that was the case.

While the riders were left groaning in a heap – in pain and shock – on the road, the driver initially kept going.

However, a police investigation ensued and the driver has now appeared in court. He has been convicted and sanctioned for the incident which occurred last November.

The riders in the clip are from Yeovil Cycling Club in the UK; the two injured are husband and wife.

The incident occurred at Mudford near Yeovil on November 23rd last. Last Monday the 81-year-old driver appeared in court and admitted dangerous driving.

A more serious charge of causing serious injury by dangerous driving was initially pursued but then dropped.

The motorist was banned from driving for two years and ordered to pay one victim a surcharge of £20.

One of the injured cyclists said his wife came off worst; with a broken finger, fractured ribs and bruises and abrasions. She was also knocked out.

She has recovered from concussion but still suffers from tinnitus. One of the other riders lost part of her ear and suffered a leg injury.

The cyclist who spoke to the media in Britain said all of the riders in the group were wearing helmets, which he believed was crucial.

Furthermore, lots of motorists passing the scene stopped to help, which he was very thankful for.