Video: Dan Martin was clearly not happy after Olympic road race

Posted on: August 6th, 2016

Dan Martin clearly wasn’t happen with a race he suggested was on such a hard course riders were afraid to attack. He also believed it was a dangerous course.


Dan Martin may have put in a very respectable ride in the men’s road race at the Rio Olympics, but having talked himself up as a hot favourite who would be heavily marked because of his previous results, his 13th place was personally disappointing.

And when he spoke to RTE immediately after the finish, he didn’t do much to hide his disappointment or indeed his disapproval of the course that was chosen for the race.

“It’s a pity when mechanical problems and crashes decide a race,” he said.

“The downhill was quite dangerous. If it was raining I don’t think anyone would have finished.

“We had good weather, but we still had a lot of guys crashing and you don’t want to see that.

He described the course as being very difficult, implying it was perhaps too hard for more aggressive racing: “I don’t know how the race looked on TV, I hope it wasn’t boring.

“Guys are afraid to attack because everyone is so exhausted anyway it makes the racing negative.”


Dan Martin speaking to RTE