Video: Cyclist taken out by deer while descending at top speed

Posted on: January 24th, 2019

This cyclist hits the deer descending a 35km long climb and is thrown off his bike. The bike breaks in two and bounces across the road towards an oncoming cyclist going up the climb.


A cyclist in the US came a cropper when a deer ran out between him and other riders in a group he was descending with in Tuscon, Arizona.

The incident occurred on the Mount Lemmon Highway last Sunday. With no warning the deer shot between the last rider in the group and those ahead.

The cyclist had no time to react at such speed, and nowhere to go, so hit he animal hard. And the incident was recorded on a backward facing camera just ahead of him.



He went flying off his bike, which bounced across the road and broke in two. It narrowly missed an oncoming rider who was coming up the climb.

The footage has emerged on YouTube, though the cyclist involved in the incident has not been identified.

It appears the deer struggles to its feet and walks away, though what condition it was in after this impact is not clear.

The cyclist was left with road rash and a broken foot, not to mention a broken bike. The climb the impact happened on is 35km, averaging five per cent.

Cyclists meeting with animals on the roads in this way rarely happens. However, some incidents have been caught on camera.

A Dublin cyclist was taken off his bike during a triathlon in the Phoenix Park, with the incident photographed right at the moment of impact.


Deer meets cyclist in Tuscon, Arizona