Video: Search is on for these thugs who assaulted cyclist from passing car

Posted on: March 13th, 2018

This cyclist was riding along, in his kit out for a spin, when a man leaned out of a passing car and assaulted him. It was recorded, in this clip, from inside the vehicle. Now the search is on to identify them.


Video: Cyclist assaulted by man from inside passing car


BBC broadcaster and avid cyclist Jeremy Vince has shared a clip of a cyclist being pushed off his bike by a man in a passing car.

Vine, who is seeking to identify and expose those responsible, Tweeted the clip with a simple message: “Wonder who these guys are.”

The clip seems to have been recorded in the UK. And judging by the weather it may not have been this year. The conditions in the clip are sunny.

There are at least two men in the car involved, possibly three.

One of the men, sitting in the front passengers seat, gives the driver instructions to slow down to the cyclist’s speed.

“Get close to him and I’ll knock him right in the hedge,” he says.

“Get right up beside him but slow down to his speed though, slow down to his speed. Now, he’s got one hand (on the handlebars), slow right down.”

When the car reaches the cyclist, the man leans right out the window and pushes the cyclist into the ditch.

The incident is recorded on a mobile phone from inside the car. And the cyclist is sent flying off his bike into the ditch.

Cleary those in the car find the event hilarious. But with Jeremy Vine having shared it to 658,000 followers on Twitter, hopefully these idiots will be caught.