Video: This is the consequence of lethal Irish cycle lane design

Posted on: November 30th, 2018

This is the scene in the Turner’s Cross area of Cork City, though the photos below even show arrows directing vehicles into cycle lanes.


This is a brief clip that shows the dangers cyclists all over the country are being exposed to by poor cycle lane design.

While cyclists are always open to close passes in both urban and rural areas, there are some examples of cycle lanes practically inviting cyclists into dangerous situations.

In the clip below, the cyclist recording follows the cycle lane around a right hand turn. However, once the corner is cleared, the cycle lane immediately disappears.

And the motorist in this clip is doing the same as the cyclist; following the piece of road set out for them. There are also oncoming cars on the right, making this a very tight spot.

The photos below from the same streets, shared by the Cosáin cycling group, show another cycle lane arrangement on a street right beside where this incident took place.

And in some of the images road markings pointing motorists in their vehicles in the direction of cycle lanes are clearly visible.

This cyclist had a lucky escape. But let’s hope Cork City Council come up with something better for these streets.