Video: Chaotic scenes after big crash on bridge at Paris-Nice

Posted on: March 12th, 2019

A very large number of riders fell and all of those behind them were blocked as the crash occurred on a bridge, offering no way to squeeze passed.


A crash with just over 30km remaining on stage 3 of Paris-Nice led to strange scenes as the riders caught behind could not get passed.

The incident, which involved a large number of fallers, took place in the middle of the bunch.

And it occurred on a small bridge, meaning there was no option to cut around the incident by going off road.

Those caught behind were simply forced to stand in the road and wait for some of the crash victims to remount so the way was clear again.

Luckily the early escape had been caught at that point and the main field was not riding flat out.

The peloton eased the pace back even further to allow the fallers and those delayed to get back on.