Video: Carnage as car ploughs right through Giant bike shop

Posted on: January 2nd, 2018

Video car ploughs through Giant bike shop in Adelaide

The video shows just how far the car travelled. The car wheels were left spinning up against the service counter at the back of the shop. The driver said he accidentally hit the accelerator rather than the brake.


Video: Car ploughs through Giant bike shop in Adelaide


A motorist has ploughed into a bike shop in Australia, driving his car all the way down the back of the store and into the service counter.

The incident occurred in Adelaide earlier today. The driver, an elderly man, said he was parking when he hit the accelerator rather than the brake.

His car then shot forward and across the wide pavement. It went through security barriers and the glass shop front.

The vehicle ploughed into a rack holding around 20 mountain bikes, destroying them.

And the car only came rest when it had hit the service counter down the back of the store.

Staff and customers in the Giant store, as well as pedestrians outside, were forced to run to safety.

One of the shop workers, Sean Reynolds, said the wheels of the car were left “spinning up against the counter”.

With the Tour Down Under set to start in Adelaide in two weeks, the smash has come at a bad time for the store.

The driver, Harold Schaeffer, was apologetic and said he felt “bloody stupid”.

“I’ve messed up this shop and that’s a terrible thing to do,” he added.

Supt Craig Wall said the police were “very happy nobody was injured”.

Local media have stated the driver may face a fine. The damage to the shop is being estimated at around Aus$100,000.