Video: Bora-hansgrohe crash into pedestrian flat-out during TTT

Posted on: March 13th, 2019

Bora-hansgrohe crash Tirreno-Adriatico TTT

Bora-hansgrohe crash into a pedestrian riding flat-out at the Tirreno-Adriatico TTT in Italy. The man seemed to stroll into the road with two of the riders falling.


Bora-hansgrohe has suffered a crash in the TTT opening stage of Tirreno-Adriatico when a man strolled into the road.

A man walked into a stretch of road when the team was approaching; riding at a high-speed race effort.

And while some of the riders saw him and avoided him, they weren’t all as lucky.

Oscar Gatto and Rafal Majka crashed; Majka hitting the man and Gatto running into them both.

The incident was made even more dangerous by the very wet conditions, making slowing down or stopping suddenly impossible.

Both riders and the pedestrian were sent crashing to the ground, with Majka landing in a large pool of rainwater at the roadside.



The section of course where the incident took place was an open road with nothing to impede people seeing approaching teams.

It wasn’t clear why the pedestrian walked into the road as the riders were passing. But he did not seem to see them.

It seems he also didn’t hear their bikes or accompanying cars and motorbikes despite the noise they would have made on the wet road.

A police officer was shouting at him to hurry and get out of the road. But the man didn’t appear to quicken his pace.

The riders were able to right themselves and continue, though the team went on without them. The pedestrian, who appeared to be knocked out, did not suffer life-threatening injuries.


Management on Bora-hansgrohe TTT crash

“Unfortunately, we had a very bad day,” said Bora-hansgrohe sports director Enrico Poitschke.

“Just 3.5km into the stage, a spectator crashed into the team, taking down two riders and splitting up the squad.

“From then on our guys weren’t in the best mood but still gave a fight. The good news is that Rafał Majka is set to continue the race.

“He doesn’t look good after the crash but he will be there. Our chances at the GC are probably gone now.

“But we will try to fight for, possibly, a stage win that will keep our spirits high. Still, it was a very bad day for us.”