Video: Beer tent at World ‘Cross Champs was huge (and nuts); take a look

Posted on: February 1st, 2016

When the Belgians host the World Cyclocross Championships and say there’s going to be beer tents, they mean it. The Irish fans seemed to be having a great time too!


For the first time in quite a few years Ireland had a team at the World Cyclocross Championships at the weekend.
David Conroy was our sole representative in the junior race and finished a creditable 48th.

The weekend was less successful for our U23 champion David Montgomery who was forced out of his race after three laps due to a recurring back injury.

Every year many Irish fans flock to the cyclocross worlds. And this time out there was even more interest given the fact we had skin in the game.

Well known off road man Paddy Daly, whose Donnybrook Landscaping company has supported Conroy for several season, shot the video below of just one of the massive beer gardens on the Worlds campus in Zolder, Belgium.

And a group of Irish fans – John Crowley, Anthony Finn, Matt Slattery and Richard Maes – dressed up as leprechauns and sent us these photos.

Fair play lads!


The beer tent years…


Les Photos

John Crowley, Anthony Finn, Matt Slattery and Richard Maes with Irish junior champ David Conroy.

Conroy was game ball with the lads; good to see the Irish rider meeting the supporters and having a bit of craic.

The Paddies get in everywhere and with everyone, you can’t beat them. The boys with the new world champ.

The boys on the way to what looked like a great weekend. Hopefully the inclusion of an Irish team this year will continue and more Irish fans will flock to the ‘cross worlds.