Video: Why cyclists should back off trucks at junctions, in one scary clip

Posted on: August 7th, 2018

Video truck cyclist turning left

This incident involving the truck and the cyclist on the vehicle’s inside demonstrates why cyclists need to be extra vigilant at junctions.


Video truck driver doesn’t see cyclist when turning left


Most cyclists won’t need reminding of the dangers involved with riding up the inside of a vehicle turning left.

And when it’s a truck or other large vehicle, which have a large blind spot area, the dangers are extreme.

Many cyclists have lost their lives on Irish roads having been hit or crushed by vehicles turning left.

These incidents can, of course, be the fault of either driver or cyclist. But when you’re on your bike you need to be extra careful.

In this video, recorded in the UK, a large truck is preparing – and indicating – to turn left. A cyclist can just about be seen on the vehicle’s inside.

Without seeing more video footage of the incident before it occurs, it’s hard to know if the truck is passing the cyclist or the other way around.

Either way, the cyclist ends up in the vehicle’s blind spot as the driver is turning. And but for the loud shouts of the cyclist recording the video, this could have been very nasty.

In these cases cyclists can easily go under the wheels. Or you could be crushed, especially if there are steel barriers to the left, as is the case in lots of urban environments.

We publish this clip simply to remind everyone – be extra careful around junctions when vehicles, especially large ones, are also in the area.