Video: Dublin cyclist clobbered (repeatedly) by train crossing gates

Posted on: June 7th, 2019

This level crossing crash video features mostly drivers, but one cyclist is also in here and he’s having a very tricky time…

Irish Rail has released this footage of crashes at train level crossing gates to urge road users to be more careful.

The company says there has been a near doubling of crashes at the crossings since the start of this year; 51 incidents in total.

One crossing, at Sutton in north Dublin, accounts for a staggering on fifth of the crashes this year. It has been the scene of 10 crashes since the start of the year.

This clip features incidents involving mainly drivers – in cars and trucks – but also a couple of pedestrian and a cyclist.

The poor cyclist, below, is having a very hard time at the Sydney Parade junction in south Dublin.

The cyclist gets caught between the crossing gets as they close. He then struggling to get through the closed gates, which promptly open on him.

Finally when he’s free he turns back, apparently to pick something up off the ground, and the gates begin to close on him again.

This cyclist gets caught at Sydney Parade, south Dublin

Jim Meade, chief executive of Iarnród Éireann, said people needed to be more careful.

These crashes can result in a lot of work being needed to put the damage right. That work, and the crashes when they happen, can also result in very lengthy traffic delays.

“I am appealing to all road users, be they motorists, pedestrians or cyclists to stop at level crossings,” Jim Meade said.

“We are working to make user operated level crossings safer with new technology.

“But the majority of these incidents are occurring at automated level crossings in built up areas, where there is ample warning that the level crossing is coming into operation.”

The full clip is just below and, without question, the more serious ones – those that have done most damage – involve drivers gambling they’ll get through before the gates close.

However, it’s clear cyclists and pedestrians are more exposed, and open to injury, when things go wrong, even if a heavy vehicle will cause gates more damage.