Video: Entire team thrown off pro race for this rider’s attack on rivals

Posted on: November 4th, 2017

Following this post-stage attack in the street, the team was thrown off the race and ordered to leave the region immediately. The race organisers said they would never be welcomed back.


Team thrown off Tour of Hainan after rider attacks rivals


The entire Keyi Look team has been thrown out of the Tour of Hainan after one of its riders attacked staff from a rival team.

Wang Xin appeared to be knocked off his bike during yesterday’s stage by the Swiss national team car.

He got back to his feet and three a bidon at the Swiss car in a fit of anger.

However, the real drama began after the stage when the 25-year-old physically attacked Swiss team staff.

The altercation was captured on video, with officials and the police intervening to try and break up the row.

Race organisers responded by initially excluding the rider from the race. But they followed up by removing the entire team.

It apologised for the incident in a statement on social media.

“Wang Xin and Section Look InterContinental cycling team sincerely apologise to the organising committee of the 2017 Tour of Hainan and all Chinese road bike enthusiasts for hope of gaining forgiveness and understanding,” it said

The race organisers also released a statement on the incident and its response.

“Following the incident post stage 7 involving rider Wang Xin, the organising committee of the Tour of Hainan decided, in agreement with the Chinese Cycling Association and the commissaires panel, to disqualify from the race the entire Keyi Look team before further action to be taken by CCA,” the organisers said.

“The team was instructed to leave the island of Hainan on the spot and will not be welcomed back at the Tour of Hainan.

“Wang’s behaviour is not acceptable and doesn’t reflect Chinese cycling. Hainan people are known for being very friendly.

“The image and the reputation of the Tour of Hainan cannot be tarnished by such improper behaviour. Fighting will never be permitted in this event.

“In any race circumstances, every participant must follow the rules of the UCI and the CCA and refrain from any violent or disrespectful behaviour that would damage the image of the sport.”