Video: Team Sky, Tour Down Under in trouble over cycling rule-breaking

Posted on: January 9th, 2018

Team Sky Tour Down Under police Adelaide

The Team Sky riders being stopped by the police in Adelaide over their riding in the city. A TV channel (video below) also went to town with footage of a rider taking a tow up a climb from an official Tour Down Under team vehicle.


Team Sky and Tour Down Under in trouble over traffic breaches


Team Sky and the Tour Down Under have come in for some flack over road safety in Adelaide.

The riders from Team Sky were pulled in and spoken to by the police because of concerns about the way they were riding in the city centre.

And in a separate incident, the 7 News TV channel made a national news item out of a motorist complaining about an unidentified cyclist.

The woman recorded the cyclist taking a tow up a climb on a minor road from an official Tour Down Under team vehicle.

7 News ran the video and an interview with the woman; saying it came at a blow to the Tour Down Under which was just about to start.

The female motorist from whose car the video, below, was recorded complained the tow looked unsafe.

And she also claimed it impeded her ability to overtake the car, even though the stretch of road was marked with a continuous centre line which bans overtaking.

Many social media users reacted strongly to the news item. They suggested it was a very minor matter to be reported on by such a major channel.

Others suggested they would send in their videos of motorists committing minor traffic infringements against them when they were cycling and 7 News could also make a news item of those cases.

In relation to Team Sky, the police said the team’s riders were “educated” about their cycling after a number of offences were witnessed.

A spokesman for the Adelaide police said the riders “allegedly failed to give way at a pedestrian crossing and went through a red light … that sort of thing.”



The spokesman added: “As part of Operation Safe Cycling 2018 police officers spoke to a number of cyclists on Pulteney Street in the Adelaide CBD this morning after identifying a number of traffic offences committed by the group.”

A media release before either of the two incidents outlined that police in Adelaide would run Operation Safe Cycling during the Tour Down Under.

It is aimed at ensuring the influx of cyclists into the area does not result in any disregard for road traffic rules.

“The popularity of the TDU sees a rise in cycling among the wider community each year during South Australia’s summer months,” the police statement on the operation said.

“SA Police want to see all road users behave in a responsible appropriate fashion to get home safe at the end of the day.”

Supt Anthony Fioravanti said police hear a lot of complaints about cyclist behaviour.

“In turn we know that they are vulnerable road users who come off second-best when they get in any form of collision,” he said.

“Operation Safe Cycling is focused on the two-wheeled community – both in terms of ensuring they know and obey the laws, but also to protect them from other motorists who need to take care around bike riders.

“We can, and will, enforce the law, but I would plead for all road users to show some basic courtesy and share the roads.