Tony Martin’s sandpaper bum wound; a most unusual injury

Posted on: September 24th, 2015

German powerhouse Tony Martin used this saddle – with a sandpapered surface for extra grip – during the Worlds TT only for it to cut right through his shorts, below.


Having won the elite men’s title in the time trial at the World Championships three times in the past, Germany’s Tony Martin was off last in yesterday’s contest in Richmond.

However, after crashing out of the Tour de France with a broken collar bone while leading the race in July and having suffered illness more recently, he never looked like threatening to reclaim the title.

In the end, he had to settle for 7th place, some 1:17 behind the new champion Vasil Kiryienka of Belarus.

But Martin’s recent crash injuries and illness problems weren’t the only thing holding him back yesterday.

He favours a sandpaper-style surface on his saddle to help keep himself gripped on the saddle and locked into one position.

But towards the end of the 53.5km course; in the battle between sandpaper and Martin’s shorts, the sandpaper prevailed.

It cut right through – and we mean right through – the shorts, making contacting with the skin on Martin’s bum and leaving a nasty looking injury, as the shot below suggests.

Don’t try this at home folks!




@tonymartin85 after the iTT earlier today. No words needed… #Richmond2015 #respect

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This old world champion’s skin suit, worn by Martin in the Tour de France and now a museum piece, reveals his regular clothing normally holds up to the sandpaper saddle challenge.