The moment Ireland’s Euro Track Champs came crashing down

Posted on: October 20th, 2014

These photos capture the moment the Irish men’s team pursuit squad came crashing down at the European Championships, sustaining injuries that would effectively wipe out the rest of their meeting in Guadeloupe.

In the shot above, the quartet of Martyn Irvine, Ryan Mullen, Cormac Clarke and Javan Nulty get away from the start for their 4km qualifying round in the event last Wednesday evening.

As the first photo below shows, they got into their groove very well; putting their heads down and driving for home.

However, the second shot below shows how their race turned nasty when the trio of Clarke, Irvine and Mullen became tangled on the last bend and hit the deck at almost 60kmph.

Nulty had buried himself in the closing stages and had tailed off the back of the quartet as per the race plan, so he was not among the fallers.

And while great things were expected from Irvine and Mullen for the remainder of the week, the Irish team completed their Europeans last night with no medals; Irvine and Mullen putting in the kind of the performances that are way, way off their best.

Mullen could only manage 12th in the qualifiers of the individual pursuit and Irvine was 10th overall in the omnium.

Cycling Ireland declined to say in the immediate aftermath of the crash who had fallen or how many riders had came down, and declined to give any substantive injury update on the riders involved.

A spokeswoman said: “Nobody is injured, so we should have a team riding to their potential for the remainder of the event.”

However, head coach Brian Nugent said yesterday the riders had fallen at almost 60kmph and were “cut from head to toe”.

Let’s hope they recover well and are back to their winning ways in the green of Ireland in no time.


Looking good; nice and tight…


The lads come crashing down and it looks like they’re not moving anywhere too quick.