Irish companies to get tax breaks to install bikes and showers

Posted on: January 7th, 2018

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Tax breaks for bikes and showers: Wattbikes may be coming to your workplace. Make sure your employers know there are now tax breaks for installing such bikes.


Irish companies to get tax breaks for bikes and showers


The Government is introducing tax breaks for companies to install showers, bikes and other exercise equipment in the workplace.

The Bike To Work scheme, under which a tax break is offered to workers buying bikes, has been a huge success for more than a decade.

It has been credited with helping to drive the cycling boom in the Republic. And now the new measures will seek to make it easier for cyclists to ride to work.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar also wants equipment to be installed in more workplaces so workers can build exercising into their working day.

The tax breaks would mean those cycling to work could take a shower when they arrived. And others would have equipment like stationary bikes and showers to train during their day.

Varadkar confirmed the new tax breaks at the launch of the new Healthy Ireland plan. It aims to reduce obesity levels, which are rising in Ireland.

“I have the advantage of a shower at work,” he told the Sunday Business Post.

“We have tax incentives kicking in this year for employers to put in shower facilities, fitness equipment, and bikes into the workplace.”

He added that he usually exercised about four times per week. And he tried to do so as part of his working routine.

“Unfortunately, it does mean on the rare occasion you get photographed in a moving car in your gym gear,” he said.

Late last year he was photographed in jogging kit being driven into Government Buildings. He had just been running.