Swiss Cycling board meet amid confusion over status of Pat McQuaid UCI election nomination

Posted on: June 3rd, 2013

Pat McQuaid has said he has Swiss Cycling’s backing to run for UCI president again, but the Swiss are to meet again after confusion has emerged about the nature of their backing for the Irishman.


By Shane Stokes

A little over two weeks after Swiss Cycling made an announcement saying that its board would back Pat McQuaid’s request for a nomination to run for a third term as UCI president, an important meeting is thought likely to take place this evening on the matter.

While the press release issued by Swiss Cycling on May 16th said that the topic of McQuaid’s nomination had received unanimous backing, stickybottle understands there has been disagreement amongst the board about this representation of what was decided.

It has been suggested that the board may have simply recognised his right to stand for re-election, rather than giving a clear backing at this point.

With an EGM due to be held by Cycling Ireland on the matter, it is understood that some of the Swiss Cycling board members wished to wait until after the result of that June 15th EGM before making a decision.

McQuaid needs to secure a nomination from one of two national federations in order to be able to stand for his third term as UCI President. He was previously backed twice in the past by Cycling Ireland and while its board initially opted to nominate him on April 12th, it was later learned that correct protocol was not followed at that meeting.

As a result of that, CI’s board met again to consider the matter. Rather than simply voting again, it decided to hold an EGM on the matter after requests from members and clubs to do so and pressure from some media outlets.

With clubs now determining whether or not McQuaid will secure a nomination, a degree of uncertainty was introduced into his campaign.

He sought to sidestep that by requesting nomination from the board of Swiss Cycling, something which is permissible under UCI rules as he lives in that country.

On May 16th that federation announced that it would back him. However several members of that board are understood to have requested a meeting on the matter due to concerns. A quorum of five board members is needed for the meeting to be binding.

Several Cycling Ireland members have protested in recent days to Swiss  Cycling, saying that the apparent endorsement of McQuaid has clashed with an ongoing process in this country.

They want Swiss Cycling to allow CI’s EGM to take place and reach a decision, rather than simply being bypassed.

According to article 11.2 of the UCI’s Constitution, ‘each federation shall recognise and execute the decisions taken by another federation.’