Strava’s most detailed cycling heat map of Dublin and rest of Ireland

Posted on: November 27th, 2017

Strava cycling heat map Dublin Ireland

This is the Dublin section of Strava’s best yet cycling heat map of Ireland. Check it out below and zoom in on your area to see where everyone is getting their miles in!


Strava cycling heat map Dublin, Ireland


Strava has produced its most detailed heat map yet of user activity in Ireland. You can zoom right in on your area and find the most used roads for cyclists.

Strava says the map is made up of information detailing trips totalling 200,000 years and more than one billion activities.

“A global community can seem very abstract until you see its activities visually represented in your immediate location and across the world,” said chief executive James Quarles.

The map was developed with Strava Metro. It works around the world to improve facilities for cyclists and pedestrians.

An earlier version of this map was released not too long ago but this latest one – which you can access by following this link – is of higher quality and better for zoning in on.


Strava cycling heat map Dublin Ireland

The eastern section of Ulster, with Belfast the bright spot in the centre of this image.

Strava cycling heat map Dublin Ireland

Cork City (centre) and the surrounding region.

Strava cycling heat map Dublin Ireland

The Kingdom of Kerry