Your face get freezing cold cycling? Check out this new trick

Posted on: February 11th, 2018

Some cyclists go to extremes to keep their face warm on cold rides. But this new DIY trick at the Winter Olympics looks perfect for cycling, even when riding hard or racing.


You get wrapped up for winter training; everywhere is covered and warm except your face.

It’s a constant problem for cyclists training in cold weather. And when it’s extra cold and the wind is blowing; the face chill when you’re riding can be at times be extreme.

Cyclists have tried for years to overcome it, using scarves and bandanas perched on the nose covering the lower face.

And there are plenty of balaclava-type products on the market. Some of those have holes included in the mouth area for easy of breathing.

These solutions haven’t caught on as they restrict breathing. They can, ironically, cause overheating.

Some of the devices can also restrict a rider’s vision when they look around; just like wearing a hood while cycling.

But they say necessity is the mother of invention. And at the Winter Olympics in South Korea the athletes are in need; of something to keep their faces warm against some seriously cold conditions.

So they’ve been putting tape on their faces; across their cheeks and noses to be precise, as the photos below reveal.

They’ve been using Kinesiology Tape, or KT tape as it’s known.

It’s normally used as a device to ease pressure on, and support, areas of soft tissue that are painful or injured and helps healing.

The jury is out on whether any of those claims are true.  But the tape is made of cotton fibres with elasticity; it sticks on and stretches.

The winter Olympians using it believe it’s protecting those areas of the face that feel the chill most.

And if they continue with their DIY solution, it won’t be long before somebody comes up with a tailor made face-warming product based on their efforts so far; perfect for those freezing days when we need to get the miles in.