Video: Ireland’s Social Democrats party politic broadcast on cycling

Posted on: February 20th, 2019

The Social Democrats Irish political party has put together this broadcast about what it believes is the way forward for cycling in Ireland.


One of Ireland’s newest political parties, the Social Democrats, has put together this broadcast on the need to improve facilities for cycling in Dublin and other parts of Ireland.

The footage is refreshing in that it’s argued from the premise Ireland needs to look at the way we transport people around; not just people in cars or just people on bikes.

It says a whole change in the outlook is required, and that’s one that moves people in cars from the centre of the debate and from the centre of policy making.

Cllr Paddy Monahan is the Social Democrats man in the clip and he makes the point that painting token cycle lanes on roads is not proper infrastructure.

This is well worth a look. And it’s also worth keep in mind that the next general election in Ireland is not too far away.

We can all try to move cycling properly into public debate by getting behind those parties and candidates who put forward positive cycling policies.

We can do this by sharing their content on social media and commenting favourably about their policies.

If all the mainstream parties see that the cycling debate is gaining a foothold in the wider political debate, they may begin to understand that there are votes to be had by formulating positive and considered cycling policies.


Social Democrats on cycling