Video: Heavy snow forces cut to Tour of Turkey planned summit finish

Posted on: April 20th, 2019
The Tour of Turkey has been run off in sunny conditions in recent years but he move forward in the season to April has seen the race hit by very bad weather today.

The queen stage of this year’s Tour of Turkey has been shortened due to snowy conditions on the summit finish climb.

Today’s stage 5 was to finish atop the 16km climb at Kartepe. However, due to worsening snow along the climb, the final 4km has been cut from the course.

The bad news for race leader Sam Bennett is that there remains a lot of climbing to be done, even though the ascent is shorter.

Now the finish will be 12km up the climb, with the hardest sections remaining despite the shortening of the stage.

A statement from the race organisers confirmed the move after they had tried, but failed, to have the snow cleared off the road at the top section of the climb.

“The uphill finish to Kartepe today has been cut by 4km due to snowy conditions at the top,” it said in the statement citing the bad weather protocol.