Ryan Mullen, Eddie Dunbar reaction to difficult Euro Champs TT

Posted on: August 8th, 2018

Eddie Dunbar Ryan Mullen

Eddie Dunbar gets his European Championships TT ride underway in Glasgow (Photos by Simon


Eddie Dunbar, Ryan Mullen reaction to EuroTT


While both finished further down the field than they would have expected, Ryan Mullen and Eddie Dunbar said they can take positives from their TT rides at the European Championships.

Mullen was 3rd in this race last year. And he, without question, went to the start line as a possible gold medal winner.

Dunbar, while preferring road racing, can also pull very good TT rides out of the bag. This was his first elite championships, a fact that was not wasted on him.

In the end Mullen was 6th, some 40 seconds off gold but just 13 seconds off the bronze medal.

Dunbar was 28th, some 4:27 off the pace of winner Victor Campenaerts of Belgium.

Both Irish men are no nonsense riders in appraising their own performances.

And the feeling among both at the finish in Glasgow was one of disappointment, but with some positives to take away.

Mullen has just turned 24 years and having aimed for these championships he said he had come for a big result.

He looked for a time like he may squeak a medal after a modest start. He was 11th at the first check and then 8th but moved up just two more places by the finish.


Eddie Dunbar Ryan Mullen


The technical and undulating course, over 45.7km, was to be Mullen’s liking in the way a power man’s route would have been.

“By my standards I have done a really good ride; power and performance was really good,” he said.

“The top three are pretty light time trialists weight wise. So maybe this course was favoured towards the lighter guys.

“There are some world class names behind me. So I kind of can take that with my head held high.

“But I didn’t come here to come sixth. I came here trying to win,” he said, adding Cycling Ireland had looked after the riders very well.

“The team around me is really good. And they always support me; always back me 100 per cent for this race. And I thank them for that.

“It’s just that I tried to win this, and I haven’t won it. So I’m pretty gutted about that.”

Dunbar said he had ridden below par. But still only 21 years old and eligible for the U23 races, he knows these are the learning years.

“It was tough out there,” he said. “The course was very dead and I couldn’t get on top of the gear.

“I’m disappointed with that. I didn’t feel sharp at all; felt I had good power, but felt a little dead.

“This is my first time doing a senior championship. I can still do an U23 time trial.

“So it’s good experience. There were 40 top quality guys on the start list today.

And half of them are coming out having done the Tour de France, and even the Giro. I’ve none of that in my legs. This experience will bode well for the future.”