Adding A1 men beefs up Rás Mhaigh Eo field for three-stage battle

Posted on: March 21st, 2019

Rás Maigh Eo start list and preview: Cathal Dillane pulls the trigger to land victory on stage 3 for Seven Springs CC three years ago and he won overall last year (Photo:


A strong field has been assembled for Rás Maigh Eo this weekend; the addition of A1 riders this year upping the standard even further.

Cathal Dillane of Gerry McVeigh Cars ran out the overall winner 12 months ago, when some of our best juniors also excelled in what was aggressive racing.

And while there is depth across the field this time around, and not just among the A1 riders, adding the top tier of Irish domestic cyclists brings a new dimension.

A look down through the start list quickly reveals that Bio-DHL-FR Services are taking a serious approach to the race. And they should prove a real handful.

In their ranks this weekend is national elite criterium champion Dillon Corkery. And he will be aided and abetted by four other quality A1 men.

They are Aaron Doherty, Cian Sutcliffe, Jack Caldwell and Sean Moore; the latter having already claimed the Mick Lally Memorial this season.

UCD Cycling Club has also assembled a tidy line-up for the race which includes last weekend’s Lucan GP winner Simon Jones.

With him this weekend will be Conor Murnane, Jason Kenny, Leo Doyle and Sean Landers.

UCD’s Maura Claffey is one of only two woman in the field, along with Ewa Maria Kuras of Arcane Cycling Team.

There are also solid line-ups from host club Westport Covey Wheelers, Castlebar Cycling Club, Ciclotel YPB and Lucan CRC.

Paul Kennedy is among the Newcastle West CC team and Richie Maes lines out for Strata 3-VeloRevolution alongside Mark Quigley.

Scott Orwell and St Tiernan’s have also assembled very strong selections for the event which begins on Saturday morning with a 104km road race.

Later that afternoon there is a 3.4km hilly TT and the event concludes on Sunday with a 108km road race.

Also on Sunday a one-day race for A4s takes place as they are not catered for in the main three-stage race.

You can access more details about the race and stages by following this link.


March 23-24: Rás Maigheo

Promoted by Westport Covey Wheelers

Race start list

  • Keith Mulroy JR Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club
  • Michael Flynn A3 Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club
  • Anthony Murray A2 Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club
  • Bryan Hyland A2 Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club
  • Eamon Daly A2 Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club
  • Joe Moran A2 Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club
  • James McGreevy A1 Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club
  • Ryan Byrne A1 Arcane Cycling Team
  • Andre Grennell A2 Arcane Cycling Team
  • Darragh Zaidan A2 Arcane Cycling Team
  • Sam Gilmore A2 Arcane Cycling Team
  • Sean McMahon A2 Arcane Cycling Team
  • Ewa Maria Kuras A3 Arcane Cycling Team
  • Oisin Mcavock A3 Ballina Cycling Club
  • Hugh Power A2 Bandon Cycling Club
  • Alan Concannon A3 Belmullet Cycling Club
  • Stephen Murphy A1 Black Rose Racing
  • Colm Sheahan A1 Blarney Cycling Club
  • James O’Sullivan A1 Blarney Cycling Club
  • Gary Boyle A2 Blarney Cycling Club
  • Richard O’Brien A2 Blarney Cycling Club
  • Owen Mullowney A3 Blarney Cycling Club
  • Jarlath Hassett A1 Burren Cycling Club
  • Mark Shannon A1 Burren Cycling Club
  • Diarmuid O’Callaghan A3 Burren Cycling Club
  • Charles Prendergast A1 Castlebar Cycling Club
  • David Brennan A1 Castlebar Cycling Club
  • David Brody A1 Castlebar Cycling Club
  • David Walshe A1 Castlebar Cycling Club
  • Eoin McGreal A3 Castlebar Cycling Club
  • John Kelly A3 Castlebar Cycling Club
  • Steven Timlin A3 Castlebar Cycling Club
  • Cian Noone A3 Challenge Cycling Club
  • Warren Blackburn A3 Challenge Cycling Club
  • Andrew Chivers A1 Ciclotel YPB
  • Cian Keogh A1 Ciclotel YPB
  • Alexander MacRae A1 Ciclotel YPB
  • David O’Sullivan JR Ciclotel YPB
  • Jonny Foster JR Ciclotel YPB
  • Mark Smith JR Ciclotel YPB
  • John O Fitzpatrick A3 CKR Cycling Club
  • Tomas Walsh A2 Comeragh CC
  • Nathan Kurensky JR Cunga CC
  • Albert Murphy A2 Dolmen CC
  • Derry McNamara A2 Dolmen CC
  • Aaron McBride A1 Donegal Bay Cycling Club
  • Darragh McCarter A1 Donegal Bay Cycling Club
  • Paul McCarter A2 Donegal Bay Cycling Club
  • Cathal Gallagher JR Errigal Cycling Club
  • Mark McGinley A2 Four Masters CC
  • Mitchell Mclaughlin A2 Four Masters CC
  • Jason McHugh A3 Four Masters CC
  • Kevin Doherty A3 Four Masters CC
  • Donal Walsh JR Four Masters CC
  • Gerard Forde A2 Galway Bay CC
  • Iarla Feeney A2 Galway Bay CC
  • Ronan Mcnamara A2 Galway Bay CC
  • Cillian Murphy A3 Galway Bay CC
  • Donal Mahon A3 Galway Bay CC
  • Martin Divilly A3 Galway Bay CC
  • Marty Mannion A3 Galway Bay CC
  • Rory Mooney A3 Galway Bay CC
  • Ruaidhri Geraghty A3 Galway Bay CC
  • Rory Devlin A1 Inishowen Wheelers
  • Rodney Orr A3 Inishowen Wheelers
  • John Gilleran A3 Longford Cycling & Racing Club
  • Ronan Killeen A1 Lucan Cycling Road Club
  • Andrew Keogh A2 Lucan Cycling Road Club
  • Cian May A2 Lucan Cycling Road Club
  • Robert Farrell A2 Lucan Cycling Road Club
  • Sean Flynn A2 Lucan Cycling Road Club
  • Stephen Conroy A2 Lucan Cycling Road Club
  • George Duffy A3 Lucan Cycling Road Club
  • Mike Browne A2 Nenagh Cycling Club
  • Sean Molloy A2 Nenagh Cycling Club
  • James Skehan A3 Nenagh Cycling Club
  • Paul Kennedy A1 Newcastle West Cycling Club
  • Declan Maloney A2 Newcastle West Cycling Club
  • Gerard Ward A3 Newcastle West Cycling Club
  • Nathan Teskey JR Newcastle West Cycling Club
  • Arnaud Dumoulin JR O’Leary Stone Kanturk
  • Daniel Yon Hin JR O’Leary Stone Kanturk
  • Eoghan Pattwell JR O’Leary Stone Kanturk
  • Luke Thompson JR O’Leary Stone Kanturk
  • Sean Barrett JR O’Leary Stone Kanturk
  • Tom Moriarty JR O’Leary Stone Kanturk
  • Michael McGlynn A2 Omagh Wheelers Cycling Club
  • David Kyle A2 Panduit Carrick Wheelers
  • Barry McMahon A1 Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
  • Callum O’Toole A1 Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
  • Freddie Stevens A1 Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
  • Paul Forristal A1 Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
  • Ronan O’Flynn A1 Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
  • Brian McArdle A2 Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
  • Neal Hudson A2 Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
  • Michael Hanley A3 Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
  • Kieran Regan A1 St. Tiernans Cycling Club
  • David Swift A2 St. Tiernans Cycling Club
  • Dermot Cooney A2 St. Tiernans Cycling Club
  • Peter McColgan A2 St. Tiernans Cycling Club
  • Tiit Talumaa A2 St. Tiernans Cycling Club
  • Barry Walsh A3 St. Tiernans Cycling Club
  • Kevin Keane A3 St. Tiernans Cycling Club
  • Michael Stack A3 St. Tiernans Cycling Club
  • Mark Quigley A1 STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team
  • Richard Maes A1 STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team
  • Matthew McCullagh A1 Sundrive Track Team
  • Thomas O’Brien A2 Sundrive Track Team
  • Billy Crosbie A3 Sundrive Track Team
  • Aaron Doherty A1 Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services
  • Cian Sutcliffe A1 Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services
  • Dillon Corkery A1 Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services
  • Jack Caldwell A1 Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services
  • Sean Moore A1 Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services
  • Mark McClure A1 Team Caldwell Cycles
  • David Connolly A3 Team Gerry McVeigh Cars
  • Cathal Moynihan A1 Tralee Manor West BC
  • Conor Murnane A1 UCD Cycling Club
  • Simon Jones A1 UCD Cycling Club
  • Jason Kenny A2 UCD Cycling Club
  • Leo Doyle A2 UCD Cycling Club
  • Sean Landers A2 UCD Cycling Club
  • Maura Claffey A3 UCD Cycling Club
  • Aaron Wade JR
  • Dylan Traynor JR
  • Kevin McCambridge JR
  • Seán O’Malley A1 Western Lakes CC
  • Janis Blinovs A2 Western Lakes CC
  • John Gill A2 Western Lakes CC
  • Ainars Maskalans A3 Western Lakes CC
  • John O’Halloran A3 Western Lakes CC
  • Michael Stafford A3 Wexford Wheelers