Dispute over postman’s cycling death and helmet settled for €250,000

Posted on: July 10th, 2019
The widow of a postman killed while cycling settled her case in the courts for €250,000

A court case over the death of a postman while cycling eight years ago has been settled for €250,000.

Damian Parker was working delivering post in the Ennis Road area of Limerick City on his bike when he was killed on May 26th, 2011.

The court was told that Mr Parker, who was a father of twins, emerged out into a road and into the path on a driver in a car.

Evidence further stated that because of the way the deceased emerged into the road the driver only got a brief glance of him.

It emerged when the circumstances of the crash were examined, expert witnesses said there was nothing the driver could have done to avoid it.

The deceased postman’s widow, Tanya Parker, Oakwood, Old Singland Road, Limerick, sued her husband’s employer An Post and the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland over the fatal crash.

Her action alleged a failure to provide a safe working system and failure to ensure her husband would be safe while working.

It was also claimed that An Post failed to ensure Mr Parker was wearing a helmet.

The court was told he had one with him but that it was in the pannier bag on his bike when he was killed. All of the claims were denied.

While Mr Parker was not wearing a helmet and suffered brain injuries and died, his inquest had previously concluded there was no evidence a helmet would have made a difference given the nature of his injuries.

He hit the car and a ladder on the car on the day in question, suffering the head injuries that caused his death.

The case was settled between the parties and Mr Justice Cross at the High Court approved the settlement.

The judge said the settlement was a very good one and extended the court’s sympathies to the dead man’s family.