Video: Philippa York says she never wanted to be cyclist Robert Millar

Posted on: November 3rd, 2017

Philippa York never wanted to be cyclist Robert Millar

Known to cycling fans in the 1980s and 1990s as Robert Millar, Philippa York has now spoke at length in this TV interview about her transition and never wanting fame as a pro cyclist.


Philippa York never wanted to be cyclist Robert Millar


Philippa York, known to cycling fans as Robert Millar in the 1980s, has given an extensive TV interview about her life and gender change.

York (59) said had she had the choice in here 20s she would have transitioned then.

And she would have chosen that process and the personal happiness it brought her over becoming a pro cyclist.

She made the transition over 10 years ago but only went public in recent months.

And she has now returned to her native Glasgow, for the first time in two decades, to give a feature length interview to BBC Scotland.

“I would have transitioned in my teenage years. And I wouldn’t have been a cyclist and had the fame or infamy,” she said.

“If I had the information that is available now to me back then, when I was on the cusp of trying to make a decision, I would have chosen to transition and not become a cyclist or whatever I became.

“But I realised it wasn’t a practical thing, so I decided to wait until my career was over and, if I still felt the same, I’d do something about it.

“The thing that counts the most is not how famous are you going to be, it’s how happy, and that counts more for me than any kind of success.”

And that success included being king of the mountains at the 1984 Tour de France, taking 4th overall in the pace and being runner-up twice at the Vuelta and runner-up at the Giro.

You can find the full TV interview by following this link. We have also a few clips to view below.