Pedestrian dead after collision with cyclist during major sportive

Posted on: September 9th, 2017

pedestrian collision dead sportive cyclist

A pedestrian is dead after being in collision with a cyclist who was riding a sportive at the time. News of the woman’s death is now emerging. The cyclist was also taken to hospital but has been discharged (File photo, generic sportive image)


Pedestrian dead after collision with sportive cyclist


A pedestrian in collision with a sportive cyclist has been pronounced dead in hospital seven weeks later.

The case, which occurred in the UK, is very rare. Third party fatalities in collisions involving cyclists are almost unheard of.

Last month saw a cyclist, Charlie Alliston, go on trial for a collision in which pedestrian Kim Briggs was fatally injured.

Alliston was acquitted of manslaughter but convicted of bodily harm after “wanton or furious” driving. He was on a bike with no brakes at the time; February, 2016.

Ms Briggs, a 44-year-old mother of two, stepped into the road and into the path of the then 18-year-old Alliston.

Alliston’s trial generated considerable debate about the charges he faced compared to some motorists involved in fatal collisions facing no charges.

In the wake of Alliston’s trial and Ms Briggs’ death, the British government is considering framing new laws to tackle dangerous cycling.

In the new case that saw a sportive rider in collision with a woman who later died, no information about the precise manner of the crash is known.

However, a police investigation has begun and witnesses are being sought.

The man involved was riding the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey sportive on July 30th.

Rider and pedestrian were in collision on New King’s Road, London. The 67-year-old female pedestrian and sportive competitor (60s) were both hospitalised.

The man was discharged from hospital. News has now emerged the pedestrian is dead.

Police investigating sportive death

Det Sgt Alastair Middleton is from London Met Police’s serious collision investigation unit. He confirmed the fatality and the investigation now underway.

“In light of the sad news that the pedestrian in this collision has passed away, it is important that we understand more about the circumstances surrounding the collision,” he said.

Information could come “from either members of the public or those working as part of the event”.

The police are appealing for information, including videos or photos.