Paul Kimmage’s take on Bradley Wiggins: “What an asshole”

Posted on: November 4th, 2018

Paul Kimmage Bradley Wiggins asshole Icons

Paul Kimmage has pieced together the contradictory words of Bradley Wiggins on Lance Armstrong and doping.


Bradley Wiggins has come in for a lot of stick for including Lance Armstrong in his just-published ‘Icons’ book.

The 2012 Tour de France winner has acknowledged Armstrong had “done wrong” in doping. And he said he wasn’t condoning it.

But his inclusion of the Texan, stripped of seven Tour wins after a career-long performance dependency on drugs, was always going to be problematic.

Writing about Armstrong is not the problem; it’s placing him in a book about the Icons of the sport.

And while Wiggins references Armstrong’s doping, he then goes on to write about him as if the doping hadn’t taken place. That’s definitely how some people will see it.

He certainly writes in a way that suggests Armstrong’s doping didn’t really undermine his long-term place in the history books.


Paul Kimmage Bradley Wiggins asshole Icons

Wiggins has collected some excellent memorabilia down the years, which features in the book. In Icons he focuses on obvious international giants of the sport – Moser, Anquetil, Coppi and others. Furthermore, he includes some British legends. Chris Lillywhite and Tony Doyle are among them. They are two riders many Irish cyclists and cycling fans will be very interested to read about. His inclusion of Armstrong, and the manner he has written about him, has proven controversial. It is also completely at odds what his past comments on the American. Paul Kimmage explores this in his piece on the book and recent comments by its author.


His inclusion in the book and the manner in which Bradley Wiggins writes about him is also completely at odds with comments made by Wiggins about Armstrong and dopers generally down the years.

And one former rider who picks up on this writing in The Sunday Independent today is Paul Kimmage. He pieces together all of those contradictory Wiggins remarks.

And he sets it against Team Sky’s record and that of Wiggins himself; with his, legal though controversial, TUEs before major events.

Paul Kimmage notes that Wiggins has described the new book as his “love letter to cycling”. It includes chapters on Fausto Coppi, Jacques Anquetil, Miguel Indurain, Tom Simpson and, of course, Armstrong.


Kimmage’s conclusion on Wiggins

“’Look away now if you’re easily offended,’ Wiggins writes by way of introduction, as if the glare from his extraordinary brass neck would offend anyone,” says Kimmage.

“We should not be offended that it’s only five years since he was describing Armstrong as a lying bastard, and admonishing a young team-mate, Joe Dombrowkski, in The Sunday Times for wearing a Livestrong wristband: ‘Get that fucking thing off you’.

“We should not be offended that he once described dopers as ‘pissing on my sport and my dreams’. But we’re not offended, we’re laughing. What an asshole.”

You can read the full piece by following this link.


Paul Kimmage Bradley Wiggins asshole Icons

Paul Kimmage Bradley Wiggins asshole Icons