Pat McQuaid reminds Dave Brailsford of jiffy bag and MPs findings

Posted on: July 9th, 2018

Pat McQuaid reminds Dave Brailsford of his own controversial record

McQuaid said Brailsford is forgetting his own record too quickly and was in no position to attack UCI president David Lappartient.


Pat McQuaid reminds Dave Brailsford of his own controversial record


Pat McQuaid has come to the defence of UCI president David Lappartient after Team Sky’s Dave Brailsford criticised the Frenchman.

Brailsford and Team Sky have been mired in controversy for nearly two years.

A Russian hacking team, Fancy Bears, accessed and released details of the TUEs used by Bradley Wiggins on the eve of major races, including the 2012 Tour de France which he won.

No rules were broken but many big names in cycling said they believed the TUEs were unethical.

Team Sky was also unable to explain what was in a jiffy bag delivered to the team in France in 2011.

Brailsford told a UK parliamentary committee the bag contained a decongestant. And he also said the TUEs used by Wiggins were for genuine medical purposes and not for performance gain.

The committee’s findings did not tally with Brailsford’s account, meaning the committee did not believe his evidence.

And while neither Wiggins nor Team Sky broke any rules when he used the TUE system, the parliamentary committee concluded they had done so to enhance performance; though within the rules.

Wiggins legally used corticosteroids, under sanctioned TUEs, for the treatment of allergies.

But his TUEs, which were unknown until the details were leaked, were also regarded by many in cycling as enhancing performance.

Team Sky and Brailsford were just recovering from the controversies when a urine sample given by Chris Froome on the Vuelta last September showed higher than permitted levels of asthma drug salbutamol.

Froome, who vehemently protested his innocence, was cleared last week after Team Sky successfully argued the testing was unreliable.

However, though Brailsford and his team are now being booed by crowds in France at the Tour, he has been highly critical of Lappartient.

He said the UCI president still had a lot to learn about leading the UCI. He added Lappartient was expressing himself with a French audience in mind rather than like a man leading a global organisation.

Lappartient said before the Tour that Team Sky’s wealth had helped them argue Froome’s case.

Brailsford hit back by saying the UCI should be thanking Team Sky for carrying out research which showed some of the doping tests were not fit for purpose.

He added if he were Lappartient he would be trying to bring more money into the sport, not criticising entities with money who were already involved.

“I think he’s still got the local French mayor kind of mentality maybe,” Brailsford told reporters of Lappartient, a former French mayor.

Now Pat McQuaid, a former UCI president who has been vocal in his support of Lappartient, said he would have expected Brailsford to be more humble considering recent events.

He told cyclingnews Lappartient had an international outlook rather than the parochial mindset Brailsford has suggested.

“I think Brailsford should be a little more humble these days after what he’s been through instead of going on the attack after Chris has been cleared,” said McQuaid.

“I don’t think that’s a good strategy. I don’t really know why he did it. I think he just feels that he has to attack someone and that he’s in a position of strength.

“But he’s forgetting all about the jiffy bag, the MPs, and their comments. His credibility isn’t as high as he might think it is.”