Charlie Flanagan comes out even stronger on parking in cycle lanes

Posted on: June 25th, 2018

After his remarks last week, Charlie Flanagan has now come out even stronger against parking in cycle lanes and lax enforcement.


Having been met with widespread approval for his remarks about the need for drivers to stop parking in cycle lanes, Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan has now made even stronger comments.

And his second outing confirms his initial comments weren’t spur of the moment. He seems very keen to see action on those parking in bike lanes.

He witnessed “lax” enforcement of illegal parking in bike lanes, adding this had to be put right.

“I am very concerned at the lack of safety for cyclists in the city of Dublin and also indeed in other major towns,” he said.

“But in the city of Dublin… I see lax regulation, where I see soft touch on a daily basis in terms of people parking for long periods on double yellow lines, flouting the law in respect of cycle lanes.

“And it seems to me that enforcement is very much lacking,” he added, in an apparent rebuke of the Garda and local authorities.

“I spoke to my colleague Eoghan Murphy yesterday and I intend to meet both himself and Shane Ross next week because this is a cross-government responsibility.

“We need to contact our own stakeholders like An Garda Síochána, like the RSA and local authorities to ensure that we can improve matters.

“It is a matter of grave concern. So many people and young people are using the bicycle as a legitimate mode of transport and the state must ensure the laws are enforced.”

Late last week Flanagan initially took to Twitter to agree with concerns expressed by cycling campaigners about the illegal parking.

“Cycle lanes must be kept clear for cyclists only,” Flanagan said in a Tweet. “Gardai and local authorities must act to enforce the law.

“I intend convening a meeting with Ministers Ross and Murphy to improve matters. This is unacceptable.”

His reference to his Cabinet colleagues related to Minister for Transport Shane Ross and Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government Eoghan Murphy.

Flanagan’s Tweet was a follow up to an initial Tweet by cycling campaigner Ciarán Ferrie.

He had posted a photo of cars parked on a cycle lane in Dublin with the message:

“Just a normal day on the 24-hour mandatory cycle lane on Upper Camden Street.

“Three vehicles in total, several more parked in the bus lane on Lower Camden Street.

“And six vehicles parked in the South Great George’s Street bus lane, but sure who cares, eh?”