Nicolas Roche may not follow usual Grand Tour path in 2018

Posted on: January 5th, 2018

Nicolas Roche

Irish cyclist Nicolas Roche has a set racing plan until May. And then depending on decisions made he may deviate from his usual season plan. He rides for BMC Racing once again in 2018.


Nicolas Roche for Giro; Tour de France not decided


Having raced until very late last season, Nicolas Roche will start the new season in the Middle East next month.

For once he may not ride the Tour de France. Instead, he will definitely ride the Giro d’Italia.

And after the Italian Grand Tour the only certainty for him at present is a trip home to Ireland for the national championships in June.

He told stickybottle a decision would be taken after the Giro about whether he would ride the Tour.

It opens the prospect of him doing a Giro and Vuelta season. But the possibility of doing both the Giro and the Tour is still possible.

The Vuelta is a race Roche has always gone very well in. And many Irish fans would love to see how he would perform if he skipped the Tour and the Vuelta became a bigger focus.

However, with the Tour always the main event of the season, seasoned pro Roche may be reluctant to miss it.

“After the Giro my programme isn’t established yet, apart from the nationals,” he told stickybottle.

He will commence the new season at Tour of Dubai, from February 6th to 10th.

After that he is very likely to follow a programme consisting of the Tour of Oman, Paris-Nice and Tour of the Basque Country.

Last year Roche continued racing until the Tour of Guangxi (2.UWT). It finished on October 24th and he placed 3rd overall.

After that event he did some publicity races in Asia. And that has resulted in a very short winter so far.

However, he still has more than one month before he starts racing again. And he said he was not too concerned about the short winter.

“Because I was still racing when some were already starting back, I’m a bit late on form,” he said.

“But it’s no different to the other years. It was the same in 2016 with Abu Dhabi Tour,” he added of his last race that season not finishing until late October.

“It’s still only January. So it should be nothing different than all the other years; no stress.”