Nicolas Roche: “If I had my brother’s strength I’d win this Giro”

Posted on: May 15th, 2018

Nicolas Roche has said while his brother has been diagnosed with serious illness again, he is still sending support to him on the Giro. And Roche has spoken of his admiration for Florian in the face of such adversity.


Nicolas Roche praises brother’s attitude despite adversity


Writing in his Irish Independent Giro Diary Nicolas Roche has spoken of his younger brother who has been struck down with serious illness again.

Roche, and his father Stephen, have spoken publicly in the past about Florian’s leukaemia as a child.

Unfortunately the condition has returned for the youngest of the Roche siblings. Nicolas confirmed today the illness has returned.

And he said while Florian, who has just turned 18 years, must now spend a month in a special chamber in hospital he sent him his strength for the remainder of the Giro.

Roche said Florian’s second diagnosis had come last week just days after his recent 18th birthday.

“His eye had been swollen for almost a year and despite visiting numerous specialists, who at first thought it was a lymphatic issue, they couldn’t find out what was wrong,” he writes in his Giro Diary.

“In fairness to my mum, she never gave up and finally got him to a clinic in Paris, where he’s been having tests for the last few weeks.”

He added the last time Florian had leukaemia it had lasted two years.

Though it has returned, it does not seem to be as bad this time. And he had even been allowed out of hospital for a visit home.

“But he will be in hospital in a sterile chamber for a month from tomorrow,” Roche explained.

“Before he went in he sent me a text saying that he sends me all his strength.

“It’s really tough to see him sick again and it puts things like cycling for a living into perspective. This is only a bike race. If I had his strength I’d win this Giro.”

We wish Nicolas and young Florian, and indeed the whole family, well in the weeks and months ahead.