Newstalk report on cycling in Dublin is absolute car-crash – have a listen

Posted on: August 7th, 2018

cyclists ban Luas Dublin

At one point a taxi driver is asked if it’s difficult to make sure he doesn’t hit cyclists in Dublin.


Newstalk has produced an item on cycling in Dublin which simply has to be heard to be believed.

So we’ve included it below.

It has been put together by Henry McKeane who, to be fair to him, is usually excellent.

He gets out and about with roving reports, mingling with and gauging the mood of the public on a wide variety of issues.

But this item on cycling is disappointing from a cyclist’s perspective.

Aside from one token cyclist offering a view on behalf of those on two wheels, the rest of the piece seeks to establish why cyclists are such irresponsible road users.

He gives a running commentary on those cyclists he sees around him breaking red lights and using phones – fair comment as long as it’s true.

But there’s no mention of any law-abiding cyclists on the street where he’s recording his observations.

During one of the exchanges with an interviewee, who happens to be a taxi driver, he asks: “Is it difficult to make sure you don’t hit them (cyclists)?”

The driver replies that in any crash between a vehicle and cyclist, the cyclist will come off worse.

But this is presented as something that only cyclists, rather than drivers as well, need to take account of.

Come on Newstalk; raise the game.