“Misadventure” inquest verdict in high profile Dublin cyclist death

Posted on: March 14th, 2018

cyclist Donna Fox death

Cyclist Donna Fox death: Her death, scene above, gave rise to intense debate around cycling safety, especially in Dublin.


Cyclist Donna Fox inquest verdict after Dublin death


An inquest into the death of Donna Fox has returned a verdict of “death by misadventure”.

The death of the 30-year-old 1½ years ago received a significant amount of media coverage and galvanised the cycling lobby.

The pharmacy worker from Naul in north Co Dublin was killed by a lorry turning left.

Ms Fox’s death occurred at the junction between Seville Place and Sheriff St Upper at 10.40am on September 6th, 2016.

She was intending to travel straight through the junction as she cycled to her place of work on Basin St.

As she pulled up to the traffic lights, a truck was already at the lights and the driver was intending to turn left.

The inquest hearing today and Dublin Coroner’s Court heard she came to a halt just ahead of the truck.

It was also told she would not have seen the driver put on his left indicator just before he began to turn left.

That movement by the driver knocked Donna Fox from her bike and she suffered multiple injuries, which proved fatal, when struck by the large vehicle.

Forensic Collision Investigator Garda Damien Farrell said Ms Fox’s position on the road was dangerous.

After the gardai investigated the fatal crash the DPP decided the driver should not face criminal charges.

Delivering its verdict the jury recommended that additional lights should be installed at junctions that would help cyclists more safely cross them.

The hearing today was also told that new flexi wands had also been put in place at the spot when Donna Fox was killed.

As a result, cyclists and vehicles are separated on the road at that spot. Furthermore, drivers are forced to take a wider route when turning left.

Dermot McNamara, solicitor for the Fox family, urged Dublin City Council to install bollards on all cycle lanes at junctions.

“Cyclists are exposed to unnecessary dangers on a daily basis on city centre streets which provide them with a frightening lack of protection,” he said, speaking on behalf of the family.