Milan-Sanremo ascents of Cipressa, Poggio among fastest ever

Posted on: March 18th, 2017

Milan-Sanremo ascents of Cipressa, Poggio among fastest ever

Milan-Sanremo ascents of Cipressa, Poggio among fastest ever

Peter Sagan let rip on the Poggio and dragged two riders away with him to contest the finish in San Remo. The Slovak rider was arguably the strongest in the race – as his searing accelerations would suggest. But he came up just short of Michal Kwiatkowski.


By Brian Canty

Today’s edition of Milan San Remo was one for the ages and anyone who watched it witnessed one of the best races of the season so far.

It’s the first Monument of the year and usually follows of a very formulaic pattern with the bunch thinning out as the kilometres tick down.

As usual, the climbs of the Cipressa and the Poggio decided matters.

And it was on the latter that the decisive split was made.

World champion Peter Sagan (Bora-hansgrohe) launched an incredible attack that only eventual winner Michal Kwiatkowski (Team Sky) and Julian Alaphilippe (QuickStep) could match.


Milan-Sanremo ascents of Cipressa, Poggio among fastest ever


The Pole, world champion in 2014, took the honours with a last-gasp lunge to deny Sagan, with Alaphilippe taking third.

Interestingly, the climbs of both the Cipressa and the Poggio were the fastest in recent history.

The comparisons with other years make for pretty eye-watering reading.

The Cipressa, a 5.5-kilometre climb at an average gradient of 4.1 per cent was climbed at a simply astounding speed of 34.78 kilometres per hour by the 50 or so riders who were left in the bunch then.

That, by the way, took just 9 minutes and 50 seconds.

It was a whole 10 seconds faster than last year, though not as fast as some of the other years.

The Poggio was shorter (3.7k) and more gentle (3.9%) but it was climbed in 5 minutes and 55 seconds at an average speed of 37.52 kilometres an hour.

The comparative lists below reveal just how fast the ascents were compared to other years.



2017:5,7 km@4,1%—9:50—average speed 34.78 km/h(50 riders peloton)

2016:5,7 km@4,1%—10:00—average speed 34.20 km/h(Arnaud Demare)

2015:5,7 km@4,1%—10:14—average speed 33.42 km/h(80 riders peloton)

2014:5,7 km@4,1%—10:30—average speed 32.57 km/h(Vincenzo Nibali)

2013:5,7 km@4,1%—10:49—average speed 31.62 km/h(Pozzato-Gilbert-30 riders group)

2012:5,7 km@4,1%—10:20—average speed 33.10 km/h(Hoogerland-Vila)

2011:5,7 km@4,1%—9:47—average speed  34.96 km/h(Michele Scarponi)

2010:5,7 km@4,1%—10:05—average speed 33.92 km/h(Lampre led peloton)

2009:5,7 km@4,1%—9:45—average speed 35.08 km/h(Basso-Nibali-Rebellin-30 riders)

2008:5,7 km@4,1%—10:08—average speed 33.75 km/h(Bettini-Rebellin-Lovkvist-Axelsson)

2007:5,7 km@4,1%—9:56—average speed 34.43 km/h(Pellizotti-Moletta-Popovych)

2006:5,7 km@4,1%—9:55—average speed 34.49 km/h(60+ riders peloton)

2005:5,7 km@4,1%—9:57—average speed 34.37 km/h(Fassa Bortolo 100+ riders)

2004:5,7 km@4,1%—10:01—average speed 34.14 km/h(100+riders peloton)

2003:5,7 km@4,1%—9:55—average speed 34.49 km/h(Bettini-Rebellin-Vinokourov-Freire)

2002:5,7 km@4,1%—10:24—average speed 32.88 km/h(Kivilev-I.Gutierrez)

2001:5,7 km@4,1%—9:35—average speed 35.69 km/h(Francesco Casagrande)

2000:5,7 km@4,1%—9:50—average speed  34.78 km/h(Bartoli-Dominguez)

1999:5,7 km@4,1%—9:37—average speed  35.56 km/h(Marco Pantani)

1998:5,7 km@4,1%—9:38—average speed 35.50 km/h(Hamburger-Elli-80+ riders peloton)

1997:5,7 km@4,1%—9:42—average speed 35.26 km/h(Stefano Della Santa)

1996:5,7 km@4,1%—9:19—average speed 36.71 km/h(Colombo-Gontchenkov)-RECORD*

1993:5,7 km@4,1%—10:04—average speed 33.97 km/h(Bontempi-Fondriest-Armstrong-120 riders peloton)

1992:5,7 km@4,1%—10:05—average speed 33.92 km/h(Raul Alcala)

1989:5,7 km@4,1%—10:30—average speed 32.57 km/h(PDM 40+ riders led peloton)

1987:5,7 km@4,1%—11:22—average speed 30.09 km/h(Erich Maechler)

1984:5,7 km@4,1%—10:57—average speed 31.23 km/h(60 riders peloton)



2017:3,7 km@3,9%—5:55—average speed 37.52 km/h(Sagan-Kwiatkowski-Alaphilippe)

2016:3,7 km@3,9%—6:10—average speed 36.00 km/h(Michal Kwiatkowski)

2015:3,7 km@3,9%—6:26—average speed 34.51 km/h(Van Avermaet-30 riders peloton)

2014:3,7 km@3,9%—6:50—average speed 32.49 km/h(30 riders peloton)

2013:3,7 km@3,9%—6:48—average speed 32.65 km/h(Cancellara-Sagan-Ciolek-Paolini-Pozzato)

2012:3,7 km@3,9%—6:33—average speed 33.89 km/h(Cancellara-Gerrans-Nibali)

2011:3,7 km@3,9%—6:25—average speed 34.60 km/h(Nibali-Cancellara)

2010:3,7 km@3,9%—6:14—average speed 35.61 km/h(Pozzato-Gilbert)

2009:3,7 km@3,9%—6:04—average speed 36.59 km/h(Filippo Pozzato)

2008:3,7 km@3,9%—6:07—average speed 36.29 km/h(Philippe Gilbert)

2007:3,7 km@3,9%—6:13—average speed 35.71 km/h(Gilbert-Ricco)

2006:3,7 km@3,9%—6:11—average speed 35.90 km/h(Ballan-Pozzato)

2005:3,7 km@3,9%—6:04—average speed 36.59 km/h(Pellizotti-Rebellin-Kirchen-Celestino-Merckx)

2004:3,7 km@3,9%—6:27—average speed 34.42 km/h(Bettini-Vicioso-S.Sanchez-Celestino-100+ riders peloton)

2003:3,7 km@3,9%—6:17—average speed 35.33 km/h(Paolini-Celestino-Bettini-Di Luca)

2002:3,7 km@3,9%—6:15—average speed 35.52 km/h(Paolo Bettini)

2001:3,7 km@3,9%—6:02—average speed 36.80 km/h(Rebellin-Bartoli-Colombo-Van Petegem-Petito)

2000:3,7 km@3,9%—5:56—average speed 37.42 km/h(Rebellin-Van Petegem-Tchmil)

1999:3,7 km@3,9%—6:04—average speed 36.59 km/h(Gabriele Colombo)

1998:3,7 km@3,9%—5:51—average speed 37.95 km/h(Alberto Elli)

1997:3,7 km@3,9%—6:03—average speed 36.69 km/h(Bartoli-Museeuw-Ferigato)

1996:3,7 km@3,9%—6:27—average speed 34.42 km/h(Colombo-Gontchenkov-Coppolillo-Sciandri)
—6:10—average speed 36.00 km/h(Favourites group)

1995:3,7 km@3,9%—5:46—average speed 38.50 km/h(Fondriest-Jalabert)-RECORD*

1994:3,7 km@3,9%—6:01—average speed 36.90 km/h(Giorgio Furlan)

1993:3,7 km@3,9%—6:07—average speed 36.29 km/h(Maurizio Fondriest)

1992:3,7 km@3,9%—6:07—average speed 36.29 km/h(Moreno Argentin)

1991:3,7 km@3,9%—6:57—average speed 31.94 km/h(Claudio Chiappucci)

1990:3,7 km@3,9%—7:02—average speed 31.56 km/h(Gianni Bugno)

1989:3,7 km@3,9%—6:48—average speed 32.65 km/h(Laurent Fignon)

1987:3,7 km@3,9%—6:48—average speed 32.65 km/h(Erich Maechler)
—6:31—average speed 34.07 km/h(Kelly-Vanderaerden-30 riders group)

1984:3,7 km@3,9%—6:58—average speed 31.87 km/h(Roche-Madiot)

1982:3,7 km@3,9%—8:06—average speed 27.41 km/h(Gomez-Bondue)

1979:3,7 km@3,9%—7:08—average speed 31.12 km/h(Raas-Vandenbroucke-Willems)