Lord Mayor of Cork disputes photos of car parked on cycle lane

Posted on: November 3rd, 2018

Mayor Cork car cycle lane

The Lord Mayor of Cork’s official car was photographed in a cycle lane. But he has defended the parking, saying there was a very good reason for it (Photo: Joanna O’Sullivan on Twitter)


Cork Lord Mayor Cllr Mick Finn has launched a stout defence after photos emerged of his official car parked in a cycle lane in the city.

The car was pictured parked on North Gate on Halloween night. Some Twitter users have been critical of him.

However, Cllr Finn has insisted neither he nor his driver did anything wrong. He accepts the car was parked there, but for unique reasons.

Finn has insisted the road was closed at the time. And he said his party asked the gardai if they could park there before they did.

“Road and cycle lane closed for Dragon of Shandon event; we checked with Gardai for the short time we were there,” he said.

“Plus I got it in writing for the likely event if someone tweeting: ‘Yes the cycle lane is closed also and it is effectively pedestrianised. You can quote me’.”

Cllr Finn added he was going to another event after attending the parade and so ensured before the car was parked that it was permitted.

The Cork Cycling Campaign group accepted his statement. But it suggested the optics of the parking mattered even if permission had been granted.

“Fully understand that it was due to close for the parade. And you have a parking exemption as you are on official business (and) representing the city,” it said.

“It’s just we spend so much time trying to free the cycle lanes and we need an ambassador to help change mindsets.”

Parking in cycle lanes, which has long been a serious issue, has become more high profile of late.

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan said he wanted to see more enforcement of the laws around parking in cycle lanes.