Aqua Blue boss apology to “fuming” rider over 1X bike failure

Posted on: June 14th, 2018

Mark Christian blamed his 3T 1X bike cycling

Mark Christian blamed the 3T 1X bike and team boss Rick Delaney has moved to apologise to him publicly (Photos by Karen M Edwards)


Mark Christian blamed his 3T 1x bike, new to pro cycling


The founder and owner of the Aqua Blue Sport cycling team Rick Delaney has apologised to one of his riders, Mark Christian, after a mechanical issue today.

Christian was in the 18-man breakaway on the queen stage of the Tour de Suisse.

The British rider is having a great season, having become a constant aggressor in major races.

Today when the break split and seven men pulled clear, Christian made the cut.

Not only was he in contention for the stage, he had already collected enough points to claim the mountains jersey.

However, his chain would slip off the 1X drivetrain system. And with no derailleur to catch it; it took longer to get it back on.

Christian lost his place in the front group. He was picked up by three chasers, who had been in the breakaway but were dropped.

And while the six up front survived to the finish, Mark Christian and the riders he was with were caught.


Mark Christian blamed his 3T 1X bike cycling

Christian, far left, getting ready to take on his grub as the 18-man break passes through the feed zone before it split.

Mark Christian blamed his 3T 1X bike cycling

Rick Delaney said the “lab rat” was now starting to cost results.


At the finish he spoke to cyclingnews, saying he was absolutely “fuming” with the bike. He said it had let him down when he was in a great position and on his best form ever.

Furthermore, he said it wasn’t the first time the bike, which is effectively an experiment for pro cycling, had let down the riders this year.

On the TV coverage, Christian could be seen coming over the finish line, placing the bike to one side and walking away from it.

To his credit, Delaney took to Twitter to apologise to Christian. His message was slightly cryptic but acknowledged the kit had been at fault.

“Just want to say what a privilege it was to be behind Mark Christian today at Tour de Suisse,” Delaney said.

“So, so strong only to be dropped by mechanical no 4,698 this season. This lab rat thing is now costing results. Sorry again, Mark.”

In the team’s press release, Christian’s remarks were slightly more guarded than just after he had finished the stage.

The team obviously opted not to do down the 3T 1X bike they are riding this year in their press release.

“I am absolutely devastated about how today’s stage went,” Christian said.

“On reflection, if I can seal the mountains classification in the next couple of days I will be happy with that.

“But at the moment it seems like small consolation. To be within touching distance of a result…

“I don’t know what it might have been, but guaranteed top seven or eight. And to have been let down by the bike… I’m absolutely gutted.

“I was on a good day today; feeling good on the bike and everything was going well.

“I don’t think there is any reason why I wouldn’t have stayed with the leaders and given it all on the final climb.

“Who knows what the result might have been, but for all of that to go out of the window because of a mechanical… I’m just gutted.”