Marc Potts: Spectators were going crazy for riders to do the jumps

Posted on: April 13th, 2018

The crowd was going nuts for riders to do the jumps rather than ride around them, so Northern Irish rider Marc Potts obliged. He raved about the atmosphere after his race.


Marc Potts revels in off-road trip down memory lane


Sam Gaze may have won the gold medal in the MTB race at the Commonwealth Games, but Marc Potts sounded like he had more fun.

Gaze had a spectacular falling out, entirely of his own making, with Kiwi team mate Anton Cooper; despite them taking gold and silver.

But Ireland’s Marc Potts, now a road and track rider, he said returning to the off-road terrain he used to race on was a fantastic experience.

He would finished 17th and team mate Cameron Orr put in a great ride for 8th on the day.

Potts lapped up the experience of the 32.2km race at the Nerang Mountain Bike Trails in Brisbane.

“The race was unreal. That’s the best atmosphere I’ve had at a race since I used to do downhill,” he said.

“Nothing can compare with it. Everyone was going crazy at the side of the track.

“From the gun four guys just rode off – the good guys like Sam Gaze rode off with other world cup riders.”


Marc Potts

Orr can be delighted with his performance. Above, on his way to 8th.


Marc Potts continued: “So I was left with guys of a decent level. They were still guys who had done World Cups.

“But I knew I wasn’t competing to win, so I was just trying to enjoy myself, and it was brilliant.

“I really, really enjoyed it, so glad I did it,” added the 26-year-old who is a contender for Olympic track qualification.

“It was amazing, I was glad I was able to still do it again. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to ride the mountain bike fast.

“I was still alright. I wasn’t top level, but was still good enough to enjoy it. It was great.

“Everyone was going crazy at the side of the track. And there’s a section there at the bottom of the course with loads of jumps.

“There were loads of people going crazy wanting people to do the jumps. But I don’t think a lot of people were doing them.

“I think it’s quicker if they didn’t do them. But I was just doing them anyway, cos it was so much fun.”

The Northern Ireland cyclists, including Potts, concluding their Gold Coast Games experience tomorrow. They ride the road races.