Garda inquiry as man walks into Rás mBan riders on final stage

Posted on: September 12th, 2017

Rás na mBan cyclists final stage crash

The man walked into the road and into the Rás na mBan riders just as they were approaching the finish. One rider, and her bike (above), came off worst.


Man walks into Rás na mBan cyclists, causes final stage crash


The Garda is investigating after a man walked out into the Rás na mBan race at the end of the last stage and caused a bad crash.

That final stage on Sunday finished in very wet conditions in the centre of Kilkenny.

However, with the weather having turned bad just before the riders reached the finish, a large crowd had turned out to see the finale.

The finishing straight had barriers erected to ensure the safe passage of the field in what was expected to be a bunch finish.

Everything initially went according to plan; the thinned down peloton galloping in safely with Alice Barnes (Team GB) claiming her second stage win of the race.

But then a man stepped into the road while riders were still finishing. Scott-Orwell rider Monica Freiband crashed into him.

She was sent tumbling to the road at speed and took a very hard knock.

Freiband would later be diagnosed with a fractured shoulder, but only after she got back on her bike and finished.

Her bike, the front wheel of which was mangled, was quickly fixed up for her. She got onto it and finished, one arm holding the handlebars.

We’ll have an interview with Freiband later. She put in a great effort to finish and clear wasn’t to be denied her finishers’ medal despite being taken out.

Gardai were on the scene of the incident. However, it remains unclear exactly how the man walked out onto the road while riders were still finishing.

Rás na mBan said they were aware of an incident having taken place. But as the matter was in the hands of the Garda it said it could not comment any further at this time.