Video: Cyclists in Luas close calls and crashes (but these drivers are worse)

Posted on: June 6th, 2019

Luas close miss and crash video: This cyclist is one of several to veer into the path of oncoming Luas trams. Be careful out there folks!

Luas has published this video showing a number of cyclists straying into the path of oncoming trams in Dublin traffic.

The clip has been published by Luas as a warning to road users and pedestrians to be more careful in areas where trams operate.

However, the focus is not just on cyclists; only one of whom featured in this video actually collides with a Luas tram. Several motorists and pedestrians are also featured.

And anyone who needs a lesson about the scale of the danger posed by different road users need only look at this clip.

The collisions with motorists in their cars are by far the worst; resulting in much bigger impacts.

We could debate that point for many hours but let’s not forget the core message here.

Whether you’re on your bike, in your car or youre out walking, look left and right around Luas tracks.

Luas close calls with cyclists