Dublin litter warden fines little kid €150 for bike wash on street

Posted on: June 13th, 2018

Girl bike wash Dutch Bike Shop Dublin

This little kid set up this bike wash on the street in Dublin but ran into trouble. A sign she made advertising her washing services was deemed to be litter and incurred a fine of €150.


Girl set up bike wash at Dutch Bike Shop Dublin


A child’s entrepreneurialism in setting up a bike wash in Dublin to earn pocket money has resulted in a €150 fine for littering.

The incident occurred outside the Dutch Bike Shop in Goatstown, south Dublin.  It has been selling cargo bikes, utility bikes and Dutch ‘upright’ bikes for years.

Astrid Fitzpatrick said her children – aged 8 and 11 years – often came to the shop with her. And last weekend her eldest decided to set up a bike wash and charge €3.

She drew a sign advertising the bike wash. And she took in the princely sum of €12 – not a bad day’s work at that age.


Girl bike wash Dutch Bike Shop Dublin

Girl bike wash Dutch Bike Shop Dublin

The ‘offending’ poster and a copy of the fine sent to the shop.


However, having forgotten to take the sign down overnight, a littering fine arrived into the shop today.

Astrid said she was now appealing the fine. Furthermore, Minister for Transport Shane Ross TD has contacted her to offer held.

“I find it very petty,” she said. “My daughter wanted to do something. So she decided on bike washes for three whole Euro!

“She made a sign out of a placard we had in the shop. She stuck it up on the road and we forget to take it down on Saturday evening; a mistake.

“Then the picture that was taken by the litter warden of the poster was taken the very next day.

“Those yes/no (abortion referendum) awful posters were up for weeks. And they got five days to take them down.

“But a little girl doing a bike wash, drawing a poster with smiley faces and bikes on; can’t get a bit of time to take it down. She gets a €150 fine.”

Astrid said she didn’t know if somebody had complained or the poster was spotted by chance.

“I wrote to them a sent them pictures of the girls washing the bikes saying ‘we’re sorry, we won’t do it again. And can you find it in your heart to waive this fine?’”

We’ll keep you posted!