Lance Armstrong mocks David Walsh over child abuser character reference

Posted on: October 9th, 2017

Lance Armstrong David Walsh Tom Humphries reference

David Walsh pursued Lance Armstrong over his doping. But now Armstrong has been keen to highlight Walsh’s controversial character reference for a former colleague in a very serious court case.


Lance Armstrong mocks David Walsh over Tom Humphries


Lance Armstrong has taken to Twitter to effectively mock David Walsh over his support of a colleague convicted of sex abuse crimes.

Walsh controversially wrote a character reference for former journalistic colleague Tom Humphries.

The latter, who wrote for The Irish Times, has just been convicted in a Dublin court of the sexual abuse of a young girl he was involved in coaching.

It emerged that Walsh was one of two people who handed in character reference letters to the court.



David Walsh came under pressure when it emerged he was one of the two who gave references.

And in The Sunday Times last weekend he wrote about his reasons for writing the letter in support of Tom Humphries.

“The young girl whose trust Tom betrayed has suffered terribly from this crime,” he said.

“I wrote a personal character reference for Tom because we have been friends for 30 years. And, despite the serious wrong he has done, I could not abandon him.”

Lance Armstrong has now Tweeted a story from TheJournal, a web-based news publication based in Dublin, on the controversy.

He shared it with his 3.78 million followers saying: “This just warms my heart”.