British teams bolster quality start list for Kerry Group Rás Mumhan

Posted on: April 15th, 2019
The favourites; riders to watch at Kerry Group Rás Mumhan
Always a great race over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend in Co Kerry, Rás Mumhan 2019 promises to serve up more all-out action (Photo: George Doyle)

Defending champion Conor Hennebry tops the start list of this weekend’s Kerry Group Rás Mumhan with his Dan Morrissey-MIG-Pactimo team.

And the way Hennebry and team mate Sean Hahessy have been carving up the spoils in recent weeks confirms them as the form men from the home scene going into battle in The Kingdom.

However, they will be heavily marked and there are also plenty of Irish and foreign riders who can aim for stages and the overall victory.

The Irish team in the race is a nice mix of U23 internationals and some of the domestic riders who have impressed on home roads so far this year.

The line-up includes Ben Healy, who was 11th in Gent Wevelgem a couple of weeks back, as well as Irish junior champion Adam Ward, now winning in the elite ranks at home.

And the Irish-based trio of Conor Kissane, Sean Moore and Matthew Sparrow can also press hard this weekend.

It will be a special occasion for Kissane, who is earning a deserved first cap for Ireland and getting to debut for his country on home roads in Kerry.

The Leinster team named for the race includes the outright race winner five years ago Mark Dowling.

With him is a mix of formidable riders who combined may be the surprise team package of the weekend.

Dowling is in the team with track international Fintan Ryan, worlds and Europeans track championships medal winner JB Murphy and Lucan CRC duo Dermot Trulock and Cian May.

Of the home challenge, other names that jump out of the start list, below, include: Damien Shaw (Strata 3-VeloRevolution), Charles Prendergast (Castlebar CC), Paul Kennedy (Newcastle West), Jamie Blanchfield (Panduit Carrick Wheelers) and team mates Dillon Corkery, Luke Smith and Conor McCann.

The squads from abroad include Active Edge Race Team, Holohan Coaching, Ribble Pro Cycling, Zero BC and Surrey League.

Regular visitors Combilift-West Frisia from Holland are back again this year. Its selection includes last year’s stage 2 winner Wouter Been and sprinter Matthew Overste who competed at Continental level last year.

Note: In the start list below riders marked with an ‘x’ are U23s.

Kerry Group Rás Mumhan 2019 start list

  1. Conor Hennebry A1 Dan Morrissey-MIG.IE-Pactimo
  2. Sean Hahessy A1 Dan Morrissey-MIG.IE-Pactimo
  3. Anthony Walsh A1 Dan Morrissey-MIG.IE-Pactimo
  4. TBC Dan Morrissey-MIG.IE-Pactimo
  5. John Horgan A2 Dan Morrissey-MIG.IE-Pactimo
  6. Ben Healy A1 x Team Ireland
  7. Adam Ward A1 x Team Ireland
  8. Conor Kissane A1 Team Ireland
  9. Sean Moore A1 x Team Ireland
  10. Matthew Sparrow A1 x Team Ireland
  11. Laurence Kirby A1 x Active Edge Race Team P/B Cooper/BMW
  12. Jesse Yates A1 x Active Edge Race Team P/B Cooper/BMW
  13. Oliver Jones A1 x Active Edge Race Team P/B Cooper/BMW
  14. Oliver Peckover A1 x Active Edge Race Team P/B Cooper/BMW
  15. George Evans A1 x Active Edge Race Team P/B Cooper/BMW
  16. Liam Holohan A1 Holohan Coaching Race Team
  17. Matthew Garthwaite A1 Holohan Coaching Race Team
  18. Oliver Hayward A1 x Holohan Coaching Race Team
  19. Chris Pook A1 Holohan Coaching Race Team
  20. Chris Childs A1 Holohan Coaching Race Team
  21. Josh Aiken A1 Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich
  22. Gary Freeman A1 Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich
  23. Robert Staines A1 x Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich
  24. Gabriel Fowden A1 x Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich
  25. Ross Fawcett A1 Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich
  26. Alex Luhrs A1 Ribble Pro Cycling
  27. Daniel Bigham A1 Ribble Pro Cycling
  28. Alex Dalton A1 x Ribble Pro Cycling
  29. Richard Jones A1 Ribble Pro Cycling
  30. Scott Auld A1 x Ribble Pro Cycling
  31. Alex Cross A1 x Surrey League
  32. Chris McNamara A1 Surrey League
  33. Ou Richardson A1 x Surrey League
  34. Joe Hill A1 x Surrey League
  35. Jack Freeman A1 x Surrey League
  36. Sven Broekaart A1 Combilift-West Frisia
  37. Wouter Been A1 Combilift-West Frisia
  38. Thomas Hartog A1 Combilift-West Frisia
  39. Matthew Overste A1 Combilift-West Frisia
  40. Alexander Konijn A1 x Combilift-West Frisia
  41. Matt Clarke A1 Wheelbase CabtechCastelli
  42. Finn Crockett A1 x Wheelbase CabtechCastelli
  43. Finn Robertson A1 x Wheelbase CabtechCastelli
  44. Will Turner A1 x Wheelbase CabtechCastelli
  45. Harry Hardcastle A1 x Wheelbase CabtechCastelli
  46. Patryk Biel A1 Zero BC
  47. Matt Grey A1 x Zero BC
  48. John Hale A1 Zero BC
  49. Ollie Withers A1 x Zero BC
  50. Jered Allcock A1 Zero BC
  51. Mark Dowling A1 Leinster
  52. Fintan Ryan A1 Leinster
  53. J B Murphy A1 Leinster
  54. Dermot Trulock A1 Leinster
  55. Cian May Leinster
  56. Colm Sheahan A1 Blarney Cycling Club
  57. James O Sullivan A1 Blarney Cycling Club
  58. Michael Crowley A1 Blarney Cycling Club
  59. Gary Boyle A1 Blarney Cycling Club
  60. Michael McCarthy A2 Blarney Cycling Club
  61. David Brennan A1 Castlebar CC
  62. David Walshe A1 Castlebar CC
  63. David Brody A1 x Castlebar CC
  64. Charles Prendergast A1 Castlebar CC
  65. Christopher Coyle A2 Castlebar CC
  66. P J Collins A1 Collins Cycle Center Race Team
  67. Eddie Brennan A1 Collins Cycle Center Race Team
  68. Sean O Halloran A2 Collins Cycle Center Race Team
  69. William Killackey A3 Collins Cycle Center Race Team
  70. Sean Buckley A3 Collins Cycle Center Race Team
  71. Thomas Quaid A1 Foran CCC
  72. Mike Ewing A1 Foran CCC
  73. Robin Mould A1 Foran CCC
  74. Ian Middleton A1 Foran CCC
  75. Nigel MacAodha A2 Foran CCC
  76. TBC Killarney Cycling Club
  77. John Brosnan A1 Killarney Cycling Club
  78. Michael Lucey A2 Killarney Cycling Club
  79. Paidi O Brien A1 Killarney Cycling Club
  80. Neil Hodges A3 Killarney Cycling Club
  81. Bernard Sweeney A2 Killorglin Cycling Club
  82. Barry Fitzgerald A3 Killorglin Cycling Club
  83. Tomás Walsh A2 Killorglin Cycling Club
  84. Simon Tuomey A1 x Killorglin Cycling Club
  85. Colin Davis A1 x Killorglin Cycling Club
  86. John McCarthy A2 McCarthy Cycles
  87. Luis Mota A3 McCarthy Cycles
  88. John Aherne A1 McCarthy Cycles
  89. Jeremy Canty A1 McCarthy Cycles
  90. Ed Sutton A1 McCarthy Cycles
  91. Aidan Crowley A1 Mr Pink
  92. Patrick Clifford A2 Mr Pink
  93. James Davenport A1 Mr Pink
  94. Paul Norton A1 Mr Pink
  95. Michael Fitzgerald A1 Mr Pink
  96. Eamon Hartnett A2 Nenagh CC
  97. Mike Browne A2 Nenagh CC
  98. James Skehan A3 Nenagh CC
  99. Tommy Hanrahan A2 Nenagh CC
  100. Seán Molloy A2 Nenagh CC
  101. Paul Kennedy A1 Newcastle West CC
  102. CanniceMcNay A2 Newcastle West CC
  103. Sonny Cahill A2 Newcastle West CC
  104. Declan Maloney A2 Newcastle West CC
  105. Ger Ward A3 Newcastle West CC
  106. Cathal Purcell A1 x Panduit Carrick Wheelers CC
  107. Jamie Blanchfield A1 x Panduit Carrick Wheelers CC
  108. Raymond Cullen A2 Panduit Carrick Wheelers CC
  109. ArminasMeskansuas A1 x Panduit Carrick Wheelers CC
  110. Bryan Geary A1 Panduit Carrick Wheelers CC
  111. Paul Forrestal A1 Scott – Orwell Wheelers
  112. Barry McMahon A1 Scott – Orwell Wheelers
  113. Ronan O Flynn A1 Scott – Orwell Wheelers
  114. Callum O Toole A1 Scott – Orwell Wheelers
  115. Ronan Grimes A2 Scott – Orwell Wheelers
  116. Richard Cleverley A2 SliabhLuachra CC
  117. John O Sullivan A3 SliabhLuachra CC
  118. Donie Kelliher A3 SliabhLuachra CC
  119. Richard O Brien A2 SliabhLuachra CC
  120. Michael McCarthy A2 SliabhLuachra CC
  121. Damien Shaw A1 Strata3-Velorevolution Cycling Team
  122. Stephen Murray A1 Strata3-Velorevolution Cycling Team
  123. Richard Maes A1 Strata3-Velorevolution Cycling Team
  124. Liam Curley A1 x Strata3-Velorevolution Cycling Team
  125. Anthony Doyle A1 Strata3-Velorevolution Cycling Team
  126. Kieran Regan A1 St Tiernans Cycling Club
  127. Tllt Talumaa A2 St Tiernans Cycling Club
  128. Peter McColgan A2 St Tiernans Cycling Club
  129. Kevin Keane A3 St Tiernans Cycling Club
  130. Barry Walsh A3 St Tiernans Cycling Club
  131. Dillon Corkery A1 x Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services
  132. Conor McCann A1 x Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services
  133. Luke Smith A1 X Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services
  134. TBC Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services
  135. John Buller A1 x Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services
  136. Sean o Malley A1 Team Gerry McVeigh Cars
  137. Ciaran Murphy A2 Team Gerry McVeigh Cars
  138. Declan Shevlin A2 Team Gerry McVeigh Cars
  139. Richard Gribbons A2 Team Gerry McVeigh Cars
  140. Alan Concannon A3 Team Gerry McVeigh Cars
  141. Cathal Moynihan A1 Tralee Manor West BC
  142. Cian Smiles A2 Tralee Manor West BC
  143. Ciaran Slattery A2 Tralee Manor West BC
  144. John James Griffin A3 Tralee Manor West BC
  145. Shane Courtney A3 Tralee Manor West BC
  146. Conor Murane A1 UCD
  147. Simon Jones A1 UCD
  148. Joel Luke A2 UCD
  149. Conor McKenna A1 UCD
  150. Sean Landers A2 UCD
  151. Richard Meaney A1 Westport Covey Wheelers
  152. James McGreevy A1 Westport Covey Wheelers
  153. Eamon Daly A2 Westport Covey Wheelers
  154. Joe Moran A2 Westport Covey Wheelers
  155. Anthony Murray A2 Westport Covey Wheelers