Jens ‘Shut Up Legs’ Voight’s legs have just shut down (literally)

Posted on: January 6th, 2018

Jens Voight Shut Up Legs

The legs of Jens Voight today. While the former pro cyclist was famous for telling his body ‘shut up legs’ when suffering in racing, those same legs have just shut down.


Jens ‘Shut Up Legs’ Voight’s legs have shut down


Famous for his “Shut Up Legs” hardman cycling catch phrase, Jens Voight may need to search for another slogan.

The German’s legs haven’t quite shut up. But they have shut down.

One of them has been overtaken by a bacterial infection. And it has forced him out of a challenge to run seven marathons in seven days.

He was doing the challenge – Jense’s Marathon Madness – in Berlin to raise money for cancer research.

However, on the fifth day today he was forced out. His legs had looked under extreme pressure in recent days judging by the photos he shared online, below.



And today he didn’t start the fifth day of the challenge, saying the infection in his leg had forced him out.

Voight had the foresight to trademark the phrase Shut Up Legs during his career. And he now has a line of clothing and merchandising based on it.

The phrase emerged during an interview with Danish TV. He’d been in the breakaway day after day at the Tour de France.

He explains: “They said to me ‘how do you do it; what do you do when your body is tired?’ And I said ‘I just tell my body, hey, shut up legs and do as I tell you’.

“And, I don’t know, I just must have hit the right moment with the fans… it became self-igniting.”


Jens Voight Shut Up Legs


Voight was known for all-in epic riding during his career. His efforts were usually ones of brute force and suffering.

But while his aggression often came up short, it also helped him win very big races quite frequently.

He won two stages of the Tour de France and held the yellow jersey twice, above.

Jens Voight also won the Critérium International five times, a stage of the Giro and string of other one-day and stage races.

He continued to race until he was 41 years hold. His pro career started in 1997 and only finished in 2014.