Javan Nulty: “I’ve completely fallen off the map in Ireland”

Posted on: June 6th, 2016

Javan Nulty has been based in Nice in the south of France since the middle of February but a bad chest infection prevented him from getting the best out of himself in the early part of the season. He is hoping that after winning the Meath GP yesterday the troubles he had in the first half of the year can be parked. 


By Brian Canty

Javan Nulty can’t remember the last time he won a bike race before yesterday’s triumph in the Meath GP but the long wait made the victory all the sweeter.

The 23-year-old said he has fallen “completely off the map” in Ireland as he is now based in France where he races with Division Two outfit Sprinter Club, Nice.

He has no wins to his name since he joined them at the start if the season, but a dreadful chest infection that saw him on antibiotics probably ruled out any thoughts of results in the early season contests.

He’s still motivated and looking forward to the upcoming National Road Championships, so yesterday’s win was something of a tonic for him.

“I dunno when I last won, I’m after forgetting it’s so long ago,” he said.

“I’ve completely fallen off the map here at home, but being based abroad maybe that’s natural.”

He will remain at home in the run-up to the national championships after which he has a number of big races in France later in the summer.

“I’ve been there since the start of the season but I was on antibiotics for nearly three weeks to sort out a chest infection,” he explained.

“I had to go on another week-long course of them and it took a lot out of me. It took me a long time to come back but I felt I was in decent form for the Rás.

“I was looking forward to that but maybe I came back (to Ireland) too late for it.

“I was under a lot of stress; travelling back, moving apartments in Nice and the second I came back I picked up a cold.

“In hindsight it was too much work too close to the Rás and I had a full-on head cold from day two.

“I had no way to compete so I had to try and get the training. It went from a race I was looking forward to into a race where I just wanted to get the miles.”

His plans for after the nationals are two-fold; earn his stripes with the team in Nice and secure the ranking points they need to move up to the top division in France next year.

“We just have to keep progressing and moving up the divisions. We were division three last year, division two this year and division one next year, hopefully.”