Jan Ullrich arrested again, for incident with ‘escort lady’ in Germany

Posted on: August 10th, 2018

Jan Ullrich arrested

Jan Ullrich has been arrested at a Frankfurt hotel, the second time in a week he has been arrested by police.


Jan Ullrich arrested again in hotel in Frankfurt


Former pro cyclist Jan Ullrich has been arrested again following his detention last week in Mallorca.

He had travelled back to his native Germany, apparently for therapy for personal problems.

However, he has been arrested there for an alleged assault on an escort at a Frankfurt hotel.

German police have confirmed his arrest, saying it was suspected he was under the influence of drink and drugs at the time.

A police spokesman said Ullrich was alleged to have “attacked and injured” an “escort lady”.

Last Friday he was arrested after an incident with his neighbour in Mallorca, the German actor and film director Til Schweiger.

He was holding a party at his home in Palma de Mallorca to celebrate the launch of a new film.

The gathering was taking place last Friday afternoon when Ullrich, who was not a guest, arrived and a dispute ensued.

Jan Ullrich was arrested for “forceful entry and threats”. He was questioned by a magistrate and was released from custody after a restraining order was imposed.

Ullrich, who won the Tour de France in 1997, admitted blood doping in a confession in 2013 long after he retired.

He told German media recently he has been drinking and taking drugs since he split from his wife.

He also said the fact he had not seen his children since Christmas had caused him “the deepest despair”.

“I haven’t seen my boys since Christmas, and we also find it difficult to speak to each other,” he said.

“This extreme situation has made me do and take things that I very much regret. For my children’s sake, I’m undergoing therapy.

“I became agoraphobic. I couldn’t sleep. This has been one of the toughest episodes of my life.”