Lance Armstrong says Jan Ullrich now sober, back cycling and “kicking ass”

Posted on: July 11th, 2019

Jan Ullrich sober and back cycling: Lance Armstrong visiting his former German rival in rehab last August. He says he has kept in touch with him and that his health is now good, though he has some other issues to address.

Lance Armstrong has said he is maintaining touch with Jan Ullrich and that he was doing well having dried out following a bleak period last year.

Ullrich was arrested by the Spanish and German police after allegations were made against him by two people.

A neighbour in Mallorca and a woman in a hotel in Germany accused him of violence. It them emerged Ullrich had a drink and drug problem.

Armstrong flew to Germany to spend time with Ullrich last August and spoke about it at the time. And he has now offered a further update on his Tour de France podcast.

Jan Ullrich had looked good before he went through a very public meltdown last year. He was accused of violence in Spain and Germany and it then emerged he had issues with drink and drugs. He also revealed his marriage had ended, something he told the German media he was struggling with as he seldom spent time with his children

Armstrong said he wanted to offer an update now as he had heard from Jan Ullrich last week and the Tour yesterday passed through the region where Ullrich had lived for a long time.

“Jan’s doing great; totally sober, that’s probably been nine months,” he said of his former rival now close friend.

“He’s kicking ass, he’s back on the bike. And he’s looking forward to resuming life,” he said, adding he had “some stuff” he still needed to “get straight”.

That appeared to be a reference to the allegations that had been leveled against him last year.

“But he’s going good,” Armstrong added. “If you’re a fan of Jan Ullrich, and even if you’re not; though I don’t know how you could not be a fan of Ulrich…

“His health is very good. He’s just a gentleman, I’m happy for him. Look, it’s a long-term commitment so I’m pulling for him.”

Armstrong won the Tour de France seven times but has been stripped of those titles for doping and banned from cycling.

Ullrich won the Tour once, in 1997, and was 2nd five times. In 2013, long after he had retired, he admitted blood doping.

His Tour win still stands and he remains the only German to ever win the race.

Last year’s post by Lance Armstrong when he went to visit Jan Ullrich on Germany