Ullrich in psychiatric unit as seriousness of allegations now clear

Posted on: August 11th, 2018

Jan Ullrich arrest psychiatric unit

Jan Ullrich is undergoing psychiatric treatment as the seriousness of the allegations he now faces has been confirmed by the German police.


Troubled Jan Ullrich in psychiatric unit in Germany


Jan Ullrich was taken to a psychiatric unit after suffering a panic attack when released from police custody in Germany.

The 1997 Tour de France winner now also faces serious criminal allegations. They arise from an incident in which he allegedly assaulted and injured an escort at a Frankfurt hotel.

The German police confirmed the 44-year-old was being investigated for “attempted manslaughter and dangerous assault”.

The allegations stemmed from an incident at the Villa Kennedy Hotel with the woman on Thursday.

Ullrich had been arrested on another unrelated matter in Mallorca last Friday week.

He was accused of “forceful entry and threats” at the home of his neighbour; the German actor and film director Til Schweiger.

Ullrich was taken into custody and was later released after appearing before the courts. A restraining order was imposed.


Jan Ullrich arrest psychiatric unit

Jan Ullrich in Tour yellow. To left of photo is Frank Vandenbroucke, another pro rider from the peak EPO era who plunged into crisis. The Belgian died in Senegal in 2009 aged just 34 years.


Schweiger said he and Ullrich had been very close. But when the former pro cyclist’s wife left him, that changed.

Til Schweiger said Jan Ullrich was drinking heavily and taking amphetamines and barely  sleeping as a result.

After the incident yesterday week in Mallorca, where he has been living, Ullrich flew to Germany for treatment.

However, the second incident then occurred at the hotel where the escort was allegedly attacked. There followed a period in custody for Ullrich before he was released but admitted to psychiatric care after a panic attack once freed.

“Jan Ullrich was admitted to a psychiatric hospital on Friday night where his state of health is being assessed by specialists,” a Frankfurt police spokesperson told the AFP news agency today.

“Due to his mental and physical state there was no other choice,” the spokesperson added of Ullrich being taken by ambulance to a psychiatric facility after his release from police custody.

Ullrich has told the German media, in an interview published in the period between his two arrests, that his marriage break-up had caused him serious distress.

He explained he no longer lived with his sons and that he hadn’t seen them since Christmas. Ullrich also said his drinking and drug-taking was linked to his marriage break-up.

He is believed to have been drunk and using drugs at the time of the home invasion last Friday week and his alleged attack on the escort in Frankfurt on Thursday.