Irish woman targets €100,000 on Kickstarter for bike invention

Posted on: December 1st, 2015

Are you driving your housemates crazy by leaving your bikes in the hallway? Are you afraid to leave your bike outside for fear of it being nicked? The Stowaway is an innovative piece of kit that allows you store your mounts flush against the ceiling – getting in nobody’s way!


By Brian Canty

An Irish cycling nut has this week launched a very cunning device to solve your bike storage problems.

And she has set an ambitious target of raising €100,000 to get the product on the market.

Wexford-born but living in Dublin, Sinéad Geraghty believes she may well have come up with the solution for clogged-up hallways after launching the Stowaway on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

Geraghty is one of many inner-city dwellers faced with restricted space inside and without a shed, garage or even a yard to park a bike in.

And then there’s the worsening problem of bike theft; enough to dissuade anyone from leaving their bike outside overnight even if well locked up.

For apartment dwellers, the problem of finding storage space for a bike is even worse.

“It was a multitude of things that led me to this point,” Geraghty said of her new invention.

“My friends’ bikes kept getting nicked in the city because living in apartment blocks the only place to store them was in communal car parks, but they never lasted long.

“So a lot of people brought them into the house – but then the bikes were all over the place,” she added.

Having gotten into the sport at a recreational level herself in recent years, her home started to look like a bike shop. So she decided to take action.

“A lot of options were to hang them on the wall but it blocked walk-through space.

“So the option for the ceiling came up. I used to do taekwondo and the bags can hold 40 kilos – a heavier bike is about 18 kilos and racing bikes are much less so that was a start.”

She began drawing up plans last year and by March this year was satisfied she had a decent product.

“The whole thing about it was that it must be easy to use, safe and simple,” she explained.

“So with the pulley system we designed, people who aren’t as strong can lift half the weight of the bike.”

In March of this year Geraghty began working with product developers, while Enterprise Ireland put her on an entrepreneur programme; assisting in the research and refining of the product.

The final design was finished last month and already she has been shifting a few units.

“It’s been well received and people from Sydney, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Sau Paulo and Singapore have all mailed me about it.”

With prices starting at €99 for one Stowaway delivered, there are numerous – and much cheaper – options for mounting a bike flush against a wall.

But few, if any, take advantage of the ceiling room like the Stowaway does.

To date, almost €6,500 has been pledged and if you’re interested you can get more information and even invest by following this link.



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