Middle aged Irish men turning to steroids instead of cycling, says trainer

Posted on: January 3rd, 2018

middle aged men steroids cycling

As the number of steroids seized in Ireland surges, a well known trainer said middle aged men were now using the drugs rather than taking up cycling as their midlife sport.


Middle aged Irish men turning to steroids instead of cycling


More middle aged Irish men are turning away from cycling as their midlife sport and taking steroids instead, a leading personnel trainer has said.

The claim comes at a time when the number of steroids seized in the Republic has increased exponentially.

In 2016 the Health Products Regulatory Authority and other agencies seized 109,000 tablets, capsules, and vials of steroids.

However, in the first eight months of last year that figure had increased to 443,000.

Dominic Munnelly, a leading personal trainer who also describes himself as a sports science specialist, said steroids were now a problem.

And he believed some middle aged men who may have turned to cycling to show they “still have hit” a decade ago were now using steroids.

He said the would-be MAMILs were bypassing cycling, which would have been their likely sport, for the shortcut of drugs.

“Ten years ago, middle-aged men might have bought a €5,000 bicycle and that was their ‘proof’ that they still had it.

“Now they’ve just swapped one hollow promise for another,” he told the Irish Independent.

Of steroid use generally he said: “It’s something that’s creeping in more and more and it’s very dangerous.

“You’re down the rabbit hole of people doing things based on hearsay.

“Maybe they’re taking a steroid that has more side effects and is more powerful, simply because their buddy in the gym recommended it.

“Lifestyle isn’t helping. People are not getting enough sleep, are constantly on the phone, and stressed out with work.”


middle aged men steroids cycling

A steroid seizure in Donegal last March. Over 60,000 vials labelled anabolic steroids were found, valued at over €2 million. Human growth hormone was also part of the consignment.